Planning Board Minutes of Sept. 3, 2014

                                    SULLIVAN PLANNING BOARD                   

        Minutes of the Meeting of September 3, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Steve Hamilton.  In addition to the chairman, members Stacy Glover, Laura Lewandowski, Ann Sweet, and Mark Smith were present.  Members Dave Jakway and Kevin Wheeler were absent.  Mark  Paquette represented the selectmen.  Also present was Jim Bialowski of the Masiello Real Estate Agency.

A motion (Lewandowski/Smith) was made to approve the minutes of the meeting of August 6.  Chairman Hamilton asked that the minutes be corrected to eliminate reference to Henry Underwood and Randall Smith, who were not present.  The minutes as corrected passed without dissent.

Regulations stipulating construction on Paquette property on Paquette Drive

Mr Bialowski was seeking information.  The Paquette property now has five houses on 39 acres.  Should one need an addition or replacement, would that be allowed?  Chairman Paquette gave his opinion that under the Cluster Housing Ordinance, the answer was probably yes.  Mrs. Sweet said she would try to find out the history of the construction of multiple houses on the property from the Town Historian, who was for years on the planning board, and then seek a legal opinion from the Local Government Center.  She was not sure that the Cluster Housing Ordinance had ever been invoked by Mr. Paquette.

 Consistency of town requirements for paved aprons for driveways

Mr. Paquette asked whether it made sense to require paved aprons on driveway intersections with state roads if the state does not require them.  After some discussion, the consensus was that driveways constructed off state roads should meet the town’s requirements, and that the aprons should be paved.  Mrs. Sweet promised to find what stipulations the state makes in its manual, Administrative Rules for the Permitting of Driveways and Other Accesses to the state Highway System.

Resignation of Kevin Wheeler from the planning board

Chairman Hamilton read a note from Kevin Wheeler declaring his business obligations prevented his continuing to serve on the planning board.

Master Plan

Traffic and Transportation Chapter
Chairman Hamilton has almost completed that chapter.

Community Services and Public Buildings
Briefly considered.

Goals and Objectives plus Conclusion and Recommendations
To be reviewed at the October meeting

Capital Improvement Plan
Chairman Hamilton will complete.

Chairman Hamilton asked members to review the Regulations Governing Earth Excavations before the next meeting.

Member comments

Selectman Paquette made note of the following:

The selectmen will be visiting the Fernandez property on Gilsum Road on September 9 as part of the DES investigation of the lack of septic and well on that property in violation of State regulations.

The former Harry Caron property at the end of Corey Mine Road has been recently sold, and the new owner may be seeking permission to excavate an old gravel pit.

The Town’s computer system needs serious upgrading, especially for security reasons, and that is an ongoing project.

There being no further business, a motion (Lewandowski/Smith) passed without dissent at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary