Planning Board Minutes for Sept. 4, 2013

  Minutes of the Meeting of September 4, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairman Steve Hamilton.  In addition to the chairman, members Stacy Glover, Dave Jakway, Laura Lewandowski, Kevin Wheeler, Mark Smith, and Ann Sweet were present.   Laura Merrifield represented the selectmen.

Minutes of the meeting of August 7, 2013
Following a correction (change the recorded size of the Wheeler lot discussed from 7.8 to the correct 7.1 acres), a motion (Merrifield/Smith) to approve the corrected minutes passed without dissent.

ZBA hearing on Antis property:  September 26, 2013
Chairman Hamilton recommended that Kevin Wheeler attend the ZBA meeting, since the issues (lack of frontage on a class V road and approach through rights of way) are similar to the issues discussed at the August PB meeting.

Csenge driveway permit issue
Chairman Hamilton reported that the State had, indeed, reported to the Town that Csenge was seeking a driveway permit and had invited the Town to attend a meeting on the subject.  The Town had not noted the invitation and so missed the opportunity to remind Mr. Csenge of the need for a town permit. Since the new driveway cut allows better sight for trucks leaving the Csenge property, it seemed pointless to ask Mr. Csenge to apply for a town driveway permit. 

Consolidation of files 
Concerns in the office were expressed about putting all files for a property in one place.  Chairman Hamilton urged that there be further discussion.  Driveway permit applications with their approval will be placed in the property files henceforth.  Asked whether there were State regulations for file-keeping, Mrs. Merrifield said she knew only of the requirement for record retention.

Rights of Way
Mrs. Glover reported that the Town of Nelson has nothing about rights of way in its zoning bylaw.  Mrs. Merrifield quoted from the Sullivan Road History a definition of “right of way.”  Further illumination of rights of passage on “rights of way” is needed.

Needed changes to the Community Planning Ordinance
Ms. Glover reminded the board about the need to define “seasonal dwelling” and other omissions/ambiguities in the CPO.  Mrs. Sweet suggested that needed changes should be articulated before December, when any proposed changes would have to be given a public hearing before being placed on the ballot for March.  Board members agreed to study the Community Planning Ordinance carefully before the October meeting and to come to that meeting with specific  recommendations for any changes.  Ms. Glover also pointed out the need to reconcile disparities between the driveway regulations and the requirements spelled out in the driveway permit application.  She agreed to come to the October meeting with wording for changes.  Members were asked to send her their suggestions.

Master Plan update
Mrs. Sweet promised to bring a schedule for the remaining tasks for the Master Plan update to the October meeting.

Chairman’s upcoming absences:  meetings of October 2 and November 6

Selectmen’s representative
Mrs. Merrifield pointed out that her rotation as selectmen’s representative would end October. 2 and that Mark Paquette would serve beginning with the November meeting.

There being no further business, a motion (Jakway/Lewandowski) to adjourn the meeting passed without dissent.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sweet, Secretary