Addemdum to Minutes of Meetings of Nov. 13, 19 and 26, 2018

Town of Sullivan, NH
Board of Selectmen
Addendum to Selectmen’s meetings of November 13, 19 and 26, 2018

The purpose of this addendum to the meeting minutes of November 13, 19 and 26, 2018  is to provide information relative to the Selectmen’s budget and the overall changes to individual department budgets as discussed by the Selectmen.  

At their meeting of November 13, 2018 the Selectmen reviewed the various components of its budget.

4130 – Executive – this is where any wage adjustment would be made.  This line will be discussed at a later time.

4140 – Election Registration – 2 elections for 2019.  Change to hourly rate for election workers from $7.25 to $9.25.

4150 – Financial – Overall, up less than $300 from last year.  County will be charging for subscription services for accessing deeds; anticipated increase in postage; slight increases for quickbooks, assessing, tax collect and town clerk software; training up slightly to allow for overnight accommodation.

4152 – Revaluation – Avitar will be conducting an update in the summer so there is no charge for data verification in an update year.

4153 – Legal/Audit – Increase in legal fees is to account for appraisal services in an abatement case (PSNH).  It is possible we may not have to spend these funds depending on preliminary findings.

4194 – Building Maintenance – Utilities - no anticipated increases in phone but expecting an increase on the supply side of electricity costs, propane rate up from $1.99 to $2.299; planning on chipping away at exterior painting that needs to be done at town hall, fire, library and highway.

4196 – Property Insurance – rate down for 2019.

4215 – Ambulance Stand by Fees – includes cost for Diluzio and City of Keene.  Based on last year’s history and that the Town didn’t have to cover any unpaid bills consequently reduced the estimate for 2019.

4221 – Mutual Aid – up slightly due to their own benefits increase.

4415 – Health Agencies - $7,560 was asked for by a variety of agencies with Hundred Nights seeking an increase from $250 to $1,000 and Community Volunteer Transportation Company seeking $250.

4210 – Police Services – No change from prior year.

Capital Reserve contributions for Revaluation, Town Building Major Repairs and Town Wide Emergencies stayed the same.  One project to consider for 2019 is to replace the overhead doors at the Fire Department because they are rusting.  

At their meeting of November 19, 2018 the Selectmen reviewed the overall budget and made the following changes:

Added $1,000 to contingency (from $2,500 to $3,500) to account for fees associated with auctioneering a tax deeded property.  

Corrected 4155-560 Social Security&Medicare to display the cost of $5,894.24.

Added $1,000 to building maintenance and repair (from $13,825 to $14,825) to include changing out exterior lights to motion sensitive LED lights.

Reduce highway new equipment from $7,000 to $2,000 ($5,000 was for York rake and $2,000 for rock bucket); use 2017 highway block grant money to fund $30,000 of the special projects line so the next expense would be around $150,000.

Wages were discussed with the intention of including a 1.5% wage adjustment for all employees plus the Town Clerk and Treasurer positions.  CPI was 2.3% for 2018.  Applicable changes to social security and medicare result in Selectmen’s budget as well as Highway.  Administrative Assistant hours were discussed.  Continue budgeting for 20 which includes a cushion for attendance at extra meetings and that the regular work week should be 16 or 17 hours.

Due to the late hour, capital reserves will be discussed at the next regular meeting as will any other changes to the overall budget, additional projects to be funded, etc.

At their meeting of November 26, 2018 the Selectmen reviewed the overall budget as well as capital reserves and made the following changes:
The operating budget for 2019 as proposed is $783,628.74, up from $728,289 in 2018, roughly a 7.60% increase.  However, $33,290 from the 2017 highway block grant funds will be used to offset this amount of money (or $750,338.74).

With regard to capital reserves it was decided the Selectmen would put forward the discontinuance of the Police Cruiser Capital Reserve and distribute the monies equally between the Fire Department Vehicle and the Salt/Sand Shed capital reserves.  

Additionally, in an effort to level fund the 2019 capital reserve contributions, the Selectmen reduced the Fire Department Vehicle request from $25,000 to $10,700, knowing that if the Police Cruiser Capital Reserves are redistributed the Fire Department Vehicle will actually realize a contribution of over $30,000 in 2019.  

The total operating budget to be put forward to the budget committee is $783,628.74 with $33,290 coming from the 2017 highway block grant and capital reserves at $64,500 with the Police Cruiser Capital Reserve being redistributed.  

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Merrifield
Board of Selectmen