April 1, 2013

Town of Sullivan, N.H. Board of Selectmen
Approved Meeting Minutes Draft
April 1, 2013 – 6:30 PM
Sullivan Town Hall



Board members present: Mark Paquette, Gary Patnode, Laura Merrifield

Department heads present: Karl Wheeler, Randy Smith

Also present: Aaron Collette, Karen Luebkeman, AA


A. CALL TO ORDER: Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30PM



C. Department Heads:

Police Chief Wheeler advised the Selectmen that he had picked up the police cruiser in Officer Jackson’s possession on March 26, 2013 as requested. Later in the week Officer Jackson returned town equipment to Chief Wheeler with the exception of the 12 gauge shotgun that was missing from the police cruiser. At that time Officer Jackson expressed his intention to resign from the Sullivan Police Department. Chief Wheeler informed the Selectmen that a letter of resignation was needed from Officer Jackson. This is a requirement of the Police Standards and Training Council.

It was decided that the administrative assistant would generate a letter of resignation which would be mailed out to Mr. Jackson for his signature, as well as provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for its return. The administrative assistant would call Mr. Jackson and explain that a signed letter of resignation was needed and that one was being mailed to him for that purpose. The AA would also remind Mr. Jackson that the 12 gauge shotgun needed to be returned to Chief Wheeler as soon as possible.

Chief Wheeler then requested that Aaron Collette be hired to replace Officer Jackson.

Mr. Collette has been assisting in a volunteer capacity for the past three months.

MOTION: Gary Patnode made a motion to bring Mr. Collette on as a

member of the Sullivan Police Department.

SECOND: Laura Merrifield seconded the motion.

APPROVED: Unanimously approved.

Chief Wheeler reported that there had been a robbery reported on Centre Street and it was currently being investigated.

Randy Smith informed the Selectmen that concrete was being poured at the Ferry Brook Bridge and that he was there when the testing of concrete was conducted by a third party entity.

Randy also inquired into whether or not the amended contract from K.A. Stevens&Son had been received. The AA will reach out to K.A. Stevens to request the amended contract be sent.

D. Selectmen’s Business:

General business including the approving of payroll and vendor payments, review of invoices and PO’s were addressed.

The administrative assistant was directed to contact the Town’s insurance carrier to determine if information on the personnel changes in the police department was needed.

It was decided that a meeting would be scheduled with the Town’s legal representative to discuss pending litigation relative to the McNichols injunction.

Meeting minutes from March 25th were reviewed.

MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to accept the minutes as corrected.

SECOND: Gary Patnode seconded.

APPROVED: Unanimously approved.




MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:45

SECOND: Gary Patnode seconded the motion.

APPROVED: Unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Luebkeman, AA