April 13, 2015

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Minutes April 13, 2015

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Joseph Lewandowski and Laura

heads present: None

staff: None


  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30
    PM. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of the
    April 6
    regular meeting. Gary Patnode seconded the motion and suggested
    adding the word “system” after “septic” in item #1. The
    minutes were unanimously approved as amended.



  1. An
    Intent to Cut Timber, filed by Dale Paquette Jr., on behalf of Ed
    and Laurel Csenge, for property on Centre Street was approved.

  1. Discussion
    ensued regarding a verbal inquiry of James Henzel regarding the
    location of the Apple Hill Players sign location. This item will
    require further research.

  1. It
    was noted the Town did not receive a signed agreement through the
    Town Attorney regarding clean-up of the Alan Jones property. Mrs.
    Merrifield to follow up with Attorney Gavin.

  1. The
    Board acknowledged a notice of public hearing from the Town of
    Stoddard. The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 5 at
    7:15 PM, concerning a proposal for a wireless telecommunications
    tower and accompanying equipment on Richer Road. Mr. Lewandowski
    may attend the hearing. The notice will be forwarded to the
    Planning Board, Conservation Commission and newsletter.

  1. The
    Board acknowledged a notice from Eversource (formerly PSNH)
    regarding installation of Automated Meter Reading equipment. The
    project will be started in Sullivan soon and residents will be
    receiving information at home. A mention will be made in the

  1. The
    Department of Revenue Administration forwarded a letter regarding
    the 2015 Warrant Article #27 which directs the proceeds from the
    sale of police cruisers to the already established Police Cruiser
    Capital Reserve Fund. According to the DRA, money from the sale of
    the cruisers will have to go into the unreserved fund balance. The
    following year these proceeds may be raised and appropriated into
    the capital reserve fund. What this boils down to is the funds stay
    in the Town’s coffers until the 2015 Town meeting where a warrant
    article will need to be approved that directs the funds as intended
    in 2015. Mrs. Merrifield noted Roger Sweet, Chairman of the
    Trustees, was notified of this because necessary capital reserve
    transfer documents required amendment. Mrs. Merrifield also noted
    the new DRA software “portal” did have a note attached to this
    article but it escaped her attention during Town meeting

  1. Payroll,
    vendor payments and purchase orders were approved.

  1. The
    Board reviewed the recently submitted Town Hall Energy Audit
    submitted by Margaret Dillon of S.E.E.D.S. The report addressed
    energy use and potential savings should certain improvements be
    implemented. The Board will be requesting assistance from the
    Energy Committee to prioritize the improvements, identify real costs
    (that include installation and labor) and develop a plan for
    implementation and funding (capital reserve, operating, grants). As
    a result of the report it was apparent the furnace has not
    benefitted from regular maintenance. Consequently, arrangements
    will be made for an immediate service call.

discussion occurred between items 7 and 8. It was noted the
Deangelis septic system approval was received the day after the last
meeting which demonstrates how speedy the e-permitting process is.
Waste Management will be giving a credit of $47.50 to the Town for
the overfilled dumpster. Usage will be monitored in the coming
months to determine if a bigger dumpster is needed, a lock should be
put in place (to prevent unauthorized use) or cameras installed (to
identify non-authorized users). Following up on overweight vehicles
on posted roads, it was suggested the Town write an ordinance
pertaining to this issue. The newsletter deadline is April 20. The
Chairman will review a few items for submission (meeting schedule,
welcome to Kate Thorndike, Eversource notice, Stoddard public hearing
and lawn mowing proposals). Through Mary Hull it was learned our
long time lawn care and cemetery maintenance company would be
discontinuing service. It was decided to advertise for requests for

    MOTION: Gary Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:27 PM

Merrifield seconded the motion

Unanimously approved


J. Merrifield

Board of Selectmen