August 18, 2014

Town of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes August 18, 2014 – 6:30 PM
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Gary Patnode, Laura Merrifield

Department heads present: Randy Smith, Road Agent; Mary Hull, Town Clerk/ Tax Collector

Other staff: Jessica Nichols, Administrative Assistant

Public: None

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Meeting minutes from August 4, 2014 were unanimously approved as amended.

    DEPARTMENT HEADS: see below


    Randy Smith, Road Agent presented the Board with quotes from Mathewson Companies, Inc. for paving of driveway aprons. Aprons to four driveways (Lucey, Scannell, Sprague and Paquette) will be installed using the escrowed funds held by the town. It will be necessary for the Highway Department to perform some preparatory work before Mathewson can begin. He stated the Gottsche property does not have a roughed in entry so no apron will be installed. Mrs. Nichols will return escrow funds to the property owner and will explain the 2007 driveway permit has expired.

Mr. Smith reported the John Deere backhoe’s hydraulic cylinder failed the week prior. It has been repaired and he also purchased better hydraulic fluid to ensure better performance.

Mr. Smith then reported the South Road reconstruction was moving along and Bolles Construction had done some removal of stumps. He intends to grind the road material later this season.

Mrs. Merrifield asked what the Town policy was on trees cut down by the Town. Mr. Smith explained that historically if the wood is a property owner’s they have first right. If the property owner does not want it, it is stored at the Highway Garage for the wood-fired boiler. Mrs. Merrifield asked if wood has ever been offered to the needy for purposes of heating, to which Mr. Smith stated it has in the past.

In closing, Mr. Smith said that about $50 of scrap metal was taken from the Highway Garage. Discussion ensued and it was noted that occasionally other materials (sand and gravel) is missing. It was noted that while property owners are welcome to winter sand, other materials were for Town usage. It was agreed to research signage prohibiting the removal of Town materials.

    Mary Hull, Town Clerk/ Tax Collector presented the Board with an update on 2011 tax liens eligible for deeding on August 20, 2014. Payment arrangements for two owners were reviewed and deed waivers were signed. She is awaiting a response from two other owners. If no payment arrangements are made, the deeds will be executed.

    Mrs. Nichols presented the Board the MS-1 extension form. The MS-1 (statement of values) is supposed to be submitted to the State by September 1 but due to the revaluation Avitar requested an extension. The Board signed the form and Mrs. Nichols will forward the request to the DRA.

    Planning Board minutes were received and available to the Board, but upon review they were not the correct minutes.

    Mrs. Nichols presented the Board follow-up information with regard to a proposed culvert inventory project by the Southwest Regional Planning Commission. Due to the extensive nature of the response, the Board will review and discuss at the next meeting.

    A communication from Brox Industries, Inc. with regard to Route 9 resurfacing from Centre Street to the Nelson town line was reviewed by the Board.

    A communication from Gary Roberge of Avitar with regard to Fairpoint was reviewed by the Board.

    A communication from Attorney Matthew Serge with regard to Fairpoint was reviewed by the Board. Mrs. Nichols will provide information as requested by Attorney Serge.

    The Board acknowledged a communication from Town Attorney Maria Gavin regarding the Fernandes case. A hearing has been scheduled for September 9 and the Board members must view the property before the hearing.

    The Board acknowledged a communication from Town Attorney Gary Kinyon regarding the Antis case. As requested, a motion to stay has been granted.

    The Board reviewed Community Action Reports from the DRA for the monitoring of the 2013 cyclical work by Avitar.

    The Board reviewed allowable levels of assistance for welfare prepared by Mrs. Merrifield and Judy Sadoski, Overseer of the Poor. The assistance levels which require annual review were approved as proposed.

    Mrs. Nichols provided an update to the Board on Otterbrook Construction’s work at Town Hall. Mr. Creassy plans to start work on the front door the week of August 25. He hopes to complete work on the generator shed, and the Town Clerk/ Tax Collector’s door anytime. He will be attempting one more scenario to correct the concrete stairs at the main entrance; otherwise the stairs might need to be replaced.

    Mrs. Nichols provided an update to the Board relating to IT work at Town Hall. Allan Treadwell from Twin Bridge Services addressed some clarifications requested, and work will proceed shortly.

    Payroll, vendor payments, and purchase orders were reviewed and approved.


General discussion ensued. Mrs. Merrifield stated she has started the salary survey work and Mrs. Nichols would be submitting salary information to the Local Government Center. The Board discussed a stipend for the Health Officer. It was agreed to propose a stipend in the next budget preparation and, for the present, incurred expenses would be reimbursed. Mrs. Nichols reported she will have a budget versus expense report for the Board to review at the next meeting. She then reported she forwarded the Town volunteerism policy to the appropriate individuals, updated the ICMA plan administrator information and forwarded an acknowledgement to Steve Hamilton for the flyover photo.


E. ADJOURNMENT: MOTION: Gary Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:25pm

SECOND: Laura Merrifield seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously approved

Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica Nichols

Administrative Assistant to the Board of the Selectmen