August 20, 2012

Town of Sullivan, N.H. Board of Selectmen

Approved Meeting Minutes Draft
August 20, 2012 – 7:30 PM
Sullivan Town Hall



Board members present: Mark Paquette, Gary Patnode

Department heads present: Karl Wheeler

Also present: Kathy Fernandes, Roland Fernandes, Todd Bergeron, Keith Brooks, Alan Jones, Dale Roberts, Sr. Karen Luebkeman, AA



A. CALL TO ORDER: Mark Paquette called the meeting to order at 7:30PM



Kathy and Roland Fernandes attended the meeting with their septic design plans, looking for the Selectmen to review/approve them prior to submittal to the State of New Hampshire. After reviewing the plans, the Selectmen approved them to move on to the state level for review.

Todd Bergeron revisited the Selectmen to update them on the continuing problems with his neighbor shooting a black powder cannon.

Mr. Keith Brooks advised the Selectmen that he would work on getting the vacant trailer removed from his property in the next week or two.

Alan Jones said he will begin working on removing the cars and other various items from his property but that it will take some time. He needs to renew his CDL license so that he can use his car hauler to remove the junk vehicles. The Selectmen acknowledged that it will take some time to clean up the site but that they expect to see ongoing improvement at the property.

Dale Roberts, Sr. advised that he is getting a large dumpster delivered to his property and will begin cleaning up the debris that needs to be removed.

C. Department Heads:

Police Chief Wheeler acknowledged that he had been called by Mr. Bergeron regarding

the cannon fire at the neighbor’s property.

D. Selectmen’s Business:

General business including the approving of payroll and vendor payments, review of invoices and PO’s were addressed.

A resident received temporary assistance to avoid having electricity shut off which included signing a payment schedule for repaying the assistance.

Selectmen were advised that Robert Swasey had contacted the Administrative Assistant to share that he would be having the abandoned trailer or his property dismantled and removed.

Meeting minutes for August 13, 2012 were approved.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:40PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen B. Luebkeman,

Administrative Assistant, Town of Sullivan