August 21, 2017

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes, August 21, 2017

Town Hall

members present: Chairman Laura J. Merrifield, Joe Lewandowski and
Jeff Burbank

Heads/Officers: Health Officer-Laura Lewandowski and Town Clerk/Tax
Collector-Mary Hull

Kate Fuller, Administrative Assistant


  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Laura Merrifield called the meeting to order at

    6:30 pm. Jeff Burbank made a
    motion to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2017 meeting,
    seconded by Joe Lewandowski. The minutes were unanimously approved
    with amendments. Laura Merrifield made a motion to accept the
    minutes from the non-public meeting of August 7, 2017 seconded by
    Joe Lewandowski. The minutes were unanimously approved.



  1. Laura
    Lewandowski-Health Officer-Garbage Nuisance-419 South Road
    Lewandowski reported that the trash has been removed. The Board has
    asked her to monitor the property for proper garbage disposal.

  1. Mary
    Hull-Tax Collector-Past due taxes update
    Hull provided an update on unpaid 2014 property taxes. The deadline
    for the collection of these taxes is August 24, 2017. If the taxes
    are not paid in full by that date or if there is no approved
    repayment plan in place, the Selectmen can execute a tax deed. At
    the request of the Tax Collector the Board signed a waiver as it
    relates to 101 Gilsum Road because there is a bankruptcy action
    pending which prevents any action by the Town. Mrs. Hull proceeded
    to provide an update on four other properties (3 owners) that did
    not have an approved repayment plan in place as of August 21. The
    owners of 617 Centre Street had made a substantial payment and
    promised to pay the balance prior to the deadline. No waiver was
    signed. The owners of two non-residential parcels on Bowlder Road
    have promised to pay in full or enter into a repayment plan by the
    deadline. No waiver was signed. A single-family house at 24 Arlen
    Drive, which apparently has been abandoned, was discussed at length.
    The Selectmen and Tax Collector agreed the Town would be best
    served to first determine if the Town Attorney was available to
    assist with the deeding and subsequent disposition of the property.
    If in the affirmative, the Tax Collector through the Administrative
    Assistant, would collect the signatures on a waiver recognizing the
    need for legal advice on the execution of a tax deed.

  1. Cruiser
    Creations-Building Permit-11 Landcruiser Drive-Map 6 Lot 13 Sub
    -The Board reviewed the
    application from Cruiser Creation for a new concrete pad. Some
    questions were raised on a septic holding tank, abutters list,
    setbacks and site plan review. Kate will get the answers to the
    questions so the permit can be approved.

  1. 2016
    Audit draft report and draft governance letter
    by Board with corrections. Kate will pass along the edits so report
    can be finalized at the next meeting. Motions to accept made by
    Laura Merrifield, seconded by Jeff Burbank; vote in the affirmative.

  1. Acceptance
    of Financial Reports-July
    and accepted by the Board.

  1. Driveway
    Apron Escrow Funds
    topic will be discussed at the next Board meeting.

  1. Veteran’s
    Credits and Elderly Exemption-for signature
    the recommendation of the Town’s assessing agent, two applications
    for Veteran credits and one application for the Elderly Exemption
    were signed by the Board.

  1. Rick
    Hotchkiss-Intent to Cut-for signature
    and signed by the Board.

  1. Payroll,
    Vendor Payments and Purchase Orders
    as submitted.

-Letter from Avitar
announcing Jon Rice’s resignation. Invitation to Source to Sea
River Cleanup, September 15-16 various locations, received. E-mail
from Rita Donaldson of MRI about new account codes. Report from
Ranger Matt Apgar about Intent to Cut needed on Cross Road.
Newsletter deadline reminder, received. Planning Board, drive way
application revised. Kevin Wheeler’s offer to give Karl Wheeler’s
portrait to the Town was declined; thank you letter to be sent.
SWRPC highlights received. Census Local Update forms to be filled
out. Paulette Tuttle-Librarian inquired about another electronics
disposal; Kate will pass on information about service used for last
disposal. Two letters from the DOT and DRA regarding the additional
Highway Block Grant funds received. These letters explain the process
for accepting the funds and the restrictions placed on them.
Discussion ensued about the need for a public hearing to accept the
additional Highway Block Grant funds. JimEddie’s restaurant is
interesting in purchasing a property in Sullivan, this information
will be passed on to the Planning and Zoning Boards so they can
instruct the prospective buyer on what they will need to do.

Board of Selectmen-General
-Laura Merrifield
reported she had received a communication from the Planning Board
Chair regarding concerns over driveway improvements on two properties
that did not have permits. The first is a residential property at 122
Hubbard Road. Mrs. Merrifield did some preliminary research on the
Hubbard Road property which revealed the U-shaped drive apparently
was approved prior to 2007 which is the time driveway permits were
required. She confirmed there is new crushed stone on the driveway
surface. The second is vacant land at 841 Centre Street and the
continuation of improvements to driveways where the original permit
has lapsed. Since it is the Planning Board’s responsibility to
enforce driveway regulations, this information was forwarded to the
Chair. Mrs. Merrifield to follow up at the next Planning Board

Mrs. Merrifield reported on her
discussion with Gary Roberge of Avitar concerning the new valuation
methodology for telephone poles.

Continued discussion on a possible noise
ordinance, especially in terms of tractor trailer braking on Route 9,
will be commence at the next meeting.



Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 pm.

Jeff Burbank

Unanimously approved.


M. Fuller

Assistant for the Board of Selectmen