August 22, 2016

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes, August 22, 2016

Town Hall

members present: Chairman Laura Merrifield and David Beers


Kate Fuller, Administrative Assistant

Mary Hull and Kathleen Fernandes

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Laura Merrifield called the meeting to order at

    6:30 pm. Laura Merrifield
    made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 8, 2016 meeting,
    seconded by David Beers. The minutes were unanimously approved with


  1. Mary
    Hull-Tax Deeding
    - Mary came
    to update the Selectmen on the four property owners that were still
    eligible for Tax Deeding. 101 Gilsum Road, Kathleen Fernandes came
    to discuss her circumstances with the Selectmen and they granted a
    Deed Waiver for 15 days. Bowlder Road (two properties) the owner
    came in and paid $1000 on this tax bill and set up a written payment
    plan with the Town to pay $125 per month; Deed Waiver was signed by
    the Board. 24 Arlen Drive, owner told the Tax collector that he
    would pay this bill in full before the Tax Deeding on Thursday
    August 25
    2016. Off Corey Mine Road M1 Lot 15, owner has received certified
    mail and no waiver was signed.

  1. Appointment
    of James Casey to the Cemetery Trustees
    signed by Board.

  1. Timber
    Warrant for Mark Smith and Kevin Wheeler #16-433-02-T
    by Board.

  1. MS-1
    - Signed by Board
    requesting a 30 day extension.

  1. Hazard
    Mitigation Plan Adoption Resolution Form
    by Board and Kate will double check date with SWRPC.

  1. Acknowledgement
    of Financial Reports and Adjusting Journal Entries
    by Board and Laura and Kate will re-classify three transactions.

  1. Joint
    Loss Management Committee recommendations
    Trip and Fall Policy distributed for edits and comments. Two
    trainings were mentioned, Sexual Harassment is needed for employees
    to qualify for the Prime 3 discount. A request for training on
    dealing with firearms was made, Kate to follow up with Primex to see
    if they offer this.

  1. Adoption
    of Board of Selectmen Meeting Procedures
    to adopt by Laura Merrifield, seconded by Dave Beers. No discussion.
    Vote in the affirmative.

  1. Oil/Diesel
    /Propane Update
    -After many
    different proposals and pricing platforms were considered; the Board
    decided on Keene Gas for propane at a rate of $1.399 per gallon and
    contracted for 800 gallons at the Library and 1700 gallons for the
    Town Hall and Town Garage. Davis Oil for oil at the Fire Department
    at a rate of $1.749 per gallon and Swanzey Oil for diesel at $1.899
    per gallon.

  1. Draft
    of Financial Report and Governance Letter from Plodzik and
    -The Board will
    review these documents for discussion at the next meeting.

  1. Payroll,
    Vendor Payments and Purchase Orders
    Approved as submitted.

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes 9-6-16 page 2

  1. Miscellaneous/General
    -Invitation to
    Agricultural Policy and its Effects on NH Dairy Producers, Sept 28
    5:30pm at Stonewall farm. Invitation to NH Community Development
    Finance Authority speaker Bill Reed Sept 19 9am 359 Central Street,
    Franklin NH. Eversource warning of fraudulent calls and
    representatives received. Mosaic Training flyer. Perambulation note
    from Eric White requesting resending of letters to abutting towns.
    Planning Board Minutes received. Letter from Jeanne Shaheen with
    contact information to post. Kate recommended Keating Plumbing and
    Heating, a full service area plumber, to repair our broken toilet
    and sink. The Board agreed that it was a good policy to have a
    relationship with a plumber. Minutes from Joint Loss Management
    committee received. Minutes from DeAngelis Occupancy Permit site
    visit received. Motion to accept the minutes from this meeting of
    August 16
    2016 by Laura Merrifield, Seconded by Dave Beers. Occupancy permit
    will be signed when the driveway apron is complete; flagged for
    November 1, 2016. Dave Beers is reviewing the Energy Audit. Guyer
    roofing was contacted and they will have the roof improvements
    installed at the library before it snows.

    For purpose of Legal.


Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:42 pm.

David Beers

Unanimously approved.


M. Fuller

Assistant for the Board of Selectmen