August 4, 2014

Town of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes August 4, 2014 – 6:30 PM
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Gary Patnode, Laura Merrifield, Mark Paquette

Department heads present: Randy Smith, Road Agent; Laura Lewandowski, Health Officer; Judy Sadoski, Overseer of the Poor

Other staff: Jessica Nichols, Administrative Assistant

Public: Roger Sweet, Anne Sweet, Matthew Paquette, Henry Underwood

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Meeting minutes from July 7, 2014 and July 21, 2014 were unanimously approved as amended.

    DEPARTMENT HEADS: see below


    Judy Sadoski was formally introduced to the Board as the newly appointed Overseer of the Poor. The welfare guidelines for the Town were adopted, and at the next meeting the Board will review the allowable levels of assistance. The guidelines were submitted to the Selectmen because they are required by State law and no record of previously adopted guidelines could be found in the Town’s archives. She also stated the guidelines should be reviewed every three years, and the allowable levels of assistance should be reviewed annually. The Board signed a letter of agreement for services with Ms. Sadoski.

    Henry Underwood from the Southwestern Regional Planning Commission presented an opportunity for the Town to participate in a culvert/ stream inventory project at no cost. He discussed the project scope. Discussion ensued regarding the Town’s obligations/ liabilities, follow up after the assessment, and involvement of the Road Agent. He will be following up with Mrs. Nichols on questions posed by the Board.

    Randy Smith, Road Agent presented the Board with updates on the reconstruction of South Road. Purchase orders were signed for Bolles Construction excavator and dump truck work, Fulton Construction for gravel to fill holes from construction work, and JAF Industries for culverts.

Mr. Smith reported that he has contacted BDM/ Arlington Paving for apron work, but because they are very busy, he will be contacting other paving companies in the area.

Mr. Smith then reported that he will be doing minor repair work at the Library on the railing, and has communicated with the librarian.

Mr. Smith inquired on the policy for obtaining quotes on large purchases. He expressed that it is time consuming especially when he does not receive a response. He was encourage to continue with his current practice of three quotes when possible and to place reasonable deadlines on a response.

Mr. Smith reported that a resident contacted him about obtaining help on a washed out dirt driveway due to recent storms. Chairman Patnode will drive by the residence and follow up with Mr. Smith with a decision.

    Matthew Paquette was present to ask for a written report of the February 7, 2014 visit by the Health Officer and Mrs. Merrifield to his property at 195 Bowlder Road. Mrs. Merrifield explained the letter dated March 3, 2014 addressed to Mr. Paquette outlined 5 issues brought forward by his tenant who invited the Health Officer and Mrs. Merrifield to the property. All 5 issues were discussed and explained when Mr. Paquette attended the March 24, 2014 Board meeting. To clarify, it was noted the tenant had shown both Mrs. Merrifield and Mrs. Lewandowski 3 dead bugs in a jar but there was no obvious sign of an infestation. Mr. Paquette informed the Board that he has completed the provisions for the installation of permanent electric service at the residence, and a representative from PSNH will be visiting the property soon.

    Laura Lewandowski, Health Officer reported that there have been failed attempts to deliver a certified letter to a resident on South Road with trash build-up and a possible rodent problem. She will follow up.

    Mrs. Nichols stated she has been unable to contact Mr. Creassy at Otterbrook Construction for an update on the timeframe on completing the work to be done at Town Hall. Mrs. Merrifield will send out a letter with suggested dates of completion of the projects.

    The Board reviewed a proposal from the Southwest Regional Planning Commission relating to the tax map updates. The Board approved the proposal and Mrs. Nichols will be contacting the Planning Commission to start the work and get a timeframe for completion.

    The Board reviewed a scaled-back proposal from Allan Treadwell at Twin Bridge Services relating to IT work at Town Hall. The Board agreed to proceed with the work he proposed, with the addition of installing a desktop computer in the back room of the Selectmen’s office. Mrs. Nichols will be addressing some clarifications in the proposal with him.

    A communication from NH Dot with regard to Block Grant Aid was reviewed by the Board.

    A public posting from NH DOT with regard to the August 5, 2014 at 7pm meeting at Town Hall was reviewed by the Board.

    A septic system amendment for the Dispensa’s was acknowledged by the Board.

    A framed aerial photograph of the Town buildings was gifted to the Town Hall by Stephen Hamilton.

    The Board approved a Volunteerism Policy. Mrs. Nichols will disburse to the Road Agent, Fire Chief, Conservation Commission Chair, and Recreation Committee Chair.

    Payroll, vendor payments, and purchase orders were reviewed and approved.


        Mrs. Merrifield reported that she will be starting a salary survey before budget season, hopefully obtaining information from comparable towns and the NHMA. Utility rates, phone system upgrades, and cleaning services will be discussed at a later time.

General discussion ensued. Mrs. Nichols presented some information with regard to state election law training by way of the Town Clerk/ Tax Collector. She reported Paul Leclerc on Apple Hill will be having his driveway apron paved this month. Upon completion the Road Agent will inspect, and escrow funds will be returned to Mr. Leclerc. She then reported that two real estate brokers had inquired about a property in Town with a unique situation of multiple residences on one tract of land, not meeting with the current Town ordinances. It was recommended that she direct them to the Planning Board. She inquired about trimming bushes at Town Hall, and it was agreed this could be considered during budget preparation.

Mrs. Merrifield reported that she received a follow up call from a salesman from Springfield Buick GMC with regard to the letter sent pertaining to assistance on repair work on the Fire Rescue SUV. She referred him to Chairman Patnode for further discussion. Chairman Patnode, to date, had not received a call. She also provided Mrs. Nichols two completed questionnaires and a written unused vacation policy for the auditors. Mrs. Nichols will be looking into one point in the questionnaires before submitting.


E. ADJOURNMENT: MOTION: Gary Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:49pm

SECOND: Laura Merrifield seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously approved


Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica Nichols

Administrative Assistant to the Board of the Selectmen