February 14, 2011

Town of Sullivan, N.H. Board of Selectmen

Approved Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2011

Sullivan Town Hall


Board members present:

Mark Paquette, Robert Thayer, Richard Hotchkiss.



Also present:

Jody McDermott, John Prior.
  2. M. Paquette opened the meeting at 7:30 PM.


    B. Thayer moved to elect R. Hotchkiss to board chair.


    M. Paquette seconded.


    2-0-1, motion PASSES.

    R. Hotchkiss stated that his position is only for one year, but Steve Hamill is interested in serving on the board.

    Chief of Police Karl Wheeler enters.

  4. No appointments, no public present.

    R. Thayer introduces John Prior, the new meeting minutes recorder. He will also be heading a committee to study the feasibility and benefits of sending Sullivan students to Keene School District.

    R. Hotchkiss expressed his past frustration with the Monadnock Regional School District and said he welcomed the study.


  6. K. Wheeler reported Swanzey has had 52 burglaries recently. Keene has had more, and other area towns have reported break-ins also. Sullivan reported three last year, each resulting in only petty loss. K. Wheeler said he suspects that the perpetrators may live in Sullivan, as they may not be burglarizing in their own town. He said two suspects are in jail.

    K. Wheeler reported he occasionally needs help with police work, and wants to make sure someone is available for the 1% of time he is unavailable. He said if an arrest leads to a trial, he needs to be present. He said he was on the stand for 21⁄2 hours recently.

    J. McDermott asked whether the town should ask for assistance. K. Wheeler said we have a "pact" with the Sheriff’s Department and State Police. He said the only time he needs backup is for domestic disputes.

    R. Thayer asked if the town should seek someone to train. K. Wheeler said he would talk to Les about his availability and plans.

    R. Thayer reported loose pit bulls on Valley Road. K. Wheeler said the dogs are able to run over the fence because of the high snow. R. Hotchkiss said the homeowner should be notified, as her insurance may not cover her tenants’ pit bulls. The board will send a letter to the homeowner, and cc: the tenants.

    K. Wheeler leaves meeting.

  1. Welcome of newly appointed selectman Richard Hotchkiss: R. Hotchkiss requested key to town hall and selectmen’s office.
  2. Approval of Minutes:


    R. Thayer moved to approve minutes from Feb. 7, 2011 meeting.


    M. Paquette seconded.


    2-0-1, motion PASSES.
  3. Payroll and Vendor Manifest: Signed as approved.
  4. Town of Chesterfield Letter regarding the Cheshire County Budget: No action.
  5. Report of Executive Council – Daniel St. Hillaire: No action.
  6. Letter from U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte: No action.
  7. Letters from the City of Keene regarding Legislative Delegation Meeting: No action.
  8. Sign purchase orders in excess of $500:


    R. Hotchkiss moved to approve purchase order to repair driveshaft for Highway Department, to be issued to Keene Driveline, in the amount of $440.00.


    R. Thayer seconded.


    3-0-0, motion PASSES.
  9. Floor quote: The board discussed "screening" the wood floor of town hall. Mr. Denton of Mr. D’s Floor Care Plus had made an informal quote of $230 for the floor resurfacing. The selectmen directed J. McDermott to invite Mr. Dunton to a meeting to discuss the offer.
  10. Sign Energy Committee Letter: Board signed letter indicating approval of Highway Department wood furnace project.
  11. Certification of notification to BTLA of final tax bill date/established tax liability
  1. R. Hotchkiss requested J. McDermott distribute list of contact information for selectmen, administrative assistant, and minutes recorder.
  2. M. Paquette indicated the town hall handicap ramp may be out of ADA compliance due to the placement of a railing. R. Hotchkiss assured the rest of the board that the entrance does not qualify as a "ramp", but instead is a sidewalk. It is therefore within compliance.
  3. The board discussed ongoing difficulties with vehicles blocking access to Rugg Road. M. Paquette said fire chief Al Henry stated he is unable to get a fire truck by. R. Hotchkiss suggested establishing a parking ordinance, and installing no parking signs.
  4. R. Thayer indicated the Pajus wish to open a new store selling farm products.
  5. J. McDermott said a former selectman is still in possession of some paperwork that she needs, as well as time clocks that were purchased. R. Hotchkiss directed J. McDermott to call the town attorney and ask that she write a letter requesting the return of the materials.
  6. R. Hotchkiss requested J. McDermott to ask town clerk Mary Hull how meeting minutes are put online.
  7. The board discussed the current compensation for a board member. R. Hotchkiss recalled it had not been as high as it is currently when he had served previously, and asked J. McDermott to refer to back pay stubs in order to determine when the pay was increased.
  8. J. McDermott asked to whom she should report sick day absences. R. Hotchkiss said she should inform the Town Offices if it is a day that she would normally be working, as well as update the outgoing town hall answering machine greeting. J. McDermott reported that the new town hall phone system does not have an answering machine function.
  9. The board discussed ongoing difficulties with Scott Alexander’s A&L Trucking noncompliance with site plan.

MOTION: R. Hotchkiss moves to adjourn at 9:31 PM.


Motion PASSES by agreement.

Respectfully submitted,

John J. Prior

Minutes Recorder