January 13, 2014

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Minutes January 13, 2014 – 6:30 PM

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Mark Paquette and Laura Merrifield

heads present: None

present: Mark Smith

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30
    PM and made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 6
    meeting. Laura Merrifield seconded the motion and the minutes were
    unanimously approved.

  1. OPEN
    SESSION: None

    HEADS: None


  1. Mark
    Smith came before the Board of Selectmen seeking approval of a
    building permit that he had preliminarily submitted last October.
    Mr. Smith had been awaiting the driveway permit and the septic
    approval. Since those items were received, the Board reviewed the
    application for a single family home located on Boynton Road, map 3,
    lot 16.5. Mr. Smith submitted the building permit fee of $25.00
    after the Board signed the application.

  2. An
    application for a building permit was received from Robert Donnelly
    for a single family house on the Valley Road. Mrs. Merrifield
    explained that Mr. Donnelly lives away and will be unable to attend
    any of the meetings. It was determined that this application would
    be reviewed within the next 30 days so the Board has sufficient time
    to adequately review all of the paperwork.

  3. An
    engagement letter for auditing services was received from Melanson
    Heath. It was signed by the Board. An executed copy of the letter
    will be forwarded to the auditors during the week.

  4. Mrs.
    Merrifield reported on information received from the Department of
    Environmental Services relating to the Fernandez septic system. The
    DES did not receive any response to their letter requesting the
    Fernandez’ to install an approved septic system at their home and
    the DES was urging the Town to take the appropriate action. It was
    decided by the Board to invite the Fernandez’ to a future meeting
    in a final attempt to resolve the issue.

  5. Denise
    McFarland, Joint Loss Management Chair, provided a draft Safety &
    Health manual, along with a copy of a letter to the Department of
    Labor as it relates to the completion of several items that needed
    to be brought into compliance. Ms. McFarland also communicated that
    Inspector Roy from the Department of Labor will be making an
    inspection on February 21, 2014.

  6. The
    BOS reviewed a communication from Avitar relative to the revaluation
    start up meeting. The DRA and Avitar will be at the January 27
    BOS meeting.

  7. The
    following abatements were signed:

  • Keith
    Rokes 627 Centre Street

  • Evelyn
    L. Dotson 442 Valley Road

  • Antonia
    Rachanow-Mann Centre Street

  1. The
    Board of Selectmen reviewed and approved payroll, vendor payments
    and purchase orders. Chairman Patnode reported that he had spoken
    with the Sheriff’s department who had requested that the phone
    line in the police department be kept but that the internet could be
    discontinued. It was also determined it was no longer necessary to
    maintain the Crimestar subscription on the police computer.

  2. Mrs.
    Merrifield reported that the county prosecutor services for 2014 had
    been discontinued by way of a verbal conversation with Mrs. Trombly,
    the county finance director.

  1. The
    budget committee meeting schedule was distributed as was the first
    draft of a wage analysis. Karen Luebkeman provided updated budget
    reports with the year to date expenses up to December 31, 2013.

all of the expenses have been recorded though there does exist the
possibility that some straggling bills may come in during the next
couple of weeks.

discussion ensued regarding the press release from the County
regarding police services. Chairman Patnode will contact Meghan
Foley from the Sentinel with further information.

    MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 PM

SECOND: Mark Paquette seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously approved

following the regular meeting, Mrs. Merrifield moved to enter into a
non-public meeting for the purposes of discussing pending litigation,
seconded by Mr. Paquette and unanimously approved.

non-public meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM and it was unanimously voted
to seal the minutes.


J. Merrifield

Board of Selectmen