July 6, 2015

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Minutes July 6, 2015

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Joseph Lewandowski and Laura

staff: Kate Thorndike, Administrative Assistant


  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30
    PM. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of the
    June 15th regular meeting as written. Joe Lewandowski seconded the
    motion and the minutes were unanimously approved. Gary Patnode made
    a motion to approve the minutes of the June 22
    Special meeting as written. Laura Merrifield seconded the motion
    and the minutes were unanimously approved. Laura Merrifield made a
    motion to approve the minutes of the June 15
    Non-Public meeting as written. Gary Patnode seconded the motion and
    the minutes were unanimously approved.

    HEADS: None


  1. Review
    Town Hall Projects:

Patnode updated Kate Thorndike on the issues with the handicapped
ramp and the front steps at Town Hall. She will answer any incoming
questions and send out the RFP to the four local contractors who have
expressed interest in the projects. The deadline for submission is
July 16
Laura Merrifield mentioned the floor refinishing project which was
budgeted for in 2015 and still needs to be done. She has a list of
contractors who she spoke to who are experienced. This project
should be done while the weather permits and will go onto the agenda
under “Old Business/Further Research.

  1. Melanson
    Heath&Company-“Draft” Town Audit:

Kate Thorndike
presented the draft audit to the Board from Melanson, the auditing
firm for their review. The Representation letter as provided by
Melanson will be signed by Gary Patnode tomorrow in the office. Kate
Thorndike will call Jen Reddington to inquire about the Management
Letter which outlines deficiencies.

  1. PLT
    FY2016 Member Agreement/Petition to re-file/write new and/or renewal

Agreement/contract was received as well as a request for support from
the Sullivan BOS in PLT’s decision to re-file a petition to write
new and renewal coverage with the Bureau of Securities Regulation.
The Board agreed to provide that support and a letter was signed on
their behalf.

  1. Overseer
    of the Poor/Deputy Welfare Director:

Kate Thorndike
updated the Board on the fact that Judy Sadoski who is presently
representing the town as the Overseer of the Poor has not been
properly sworn in. She had surgery and has been unable to come into
the office. Laura Merrifield asked why the swearing in had not
happened soon after Town Meeting. Additionally, Ms. Sadoski would be
happy to move out of the role and pass it to the Administrative
Assistant if the BOS approves. Ms. Thorndike suggested that in the
interim, the BOS could appoint her as the Deputy Welfare Director so
there would be someone in the office who is properly authorized to
perform those duties. Gary Patnode asked Kate Thorndike if she was
comfortable taking on those additional duties and she said that she
was. Laura Merrifield suggested some sort of compensation adjustment
for the additional work. After some discussion, it was agreed that
Kate Thorndike would be appointed to the position of Overseer of the
Poor at the next meeting which was the end of her probationary
period. She will get the proper paperwork from the Town Clerk. The
BOS agreed that possibly they need to take a more active role in the
appointment process and that whenever they are being asked to
appoint, they would like to see a biography/write up/recommendation
on the individual being presented.

  1. Current
    Use-Release (Wheeler) and Corrective (Henault):

The BOS signed two
Current Use documents for recording at the Registry of Deeds.

  1. Red
    Oak Drive/Price Road-Property owner complaint:

Merrifield updated the BOS on a complaint that came in regarding
logging truck traffic causing damage to a property in Keene. The
property owner was looking for the Board to get involved. He also
asked if anyone had approached the Town about extending Martin Court.
No one has officially made that inquiry. It was agreed that the
issue was a civil matter between the property owner and the logging
company and given the fact that the damage was in Keene, it was
suggested that he contact the Sheriff’s Department with any future

  1. Purchasing
    Policy-Begin Review:

Kate Thorndike
presented two Purchasing Policies from different towns for the
Board’s consideration. The Selectmen will review both and come
prepared for discussion at the next BOS meeting.

  1. YTD
    Budget Review through May:

Selectmen discussed some issues of concern on the YTD, particularly
Social Security and Medicaid which are overspent. They are not being
properly allocated to the Highway line. Legal is at 65% and Laura
Merrifield suggested the intention of taking future litigation fees
for the abatements out of overlay. She also asked why the YTD that
the Board was receiving in July was only through May. Kate Thorndike
will contact Rita Donaldson to get an answer and also to inquire
about the expense of MRI updating the excel document.

  1. Miscellaneous
    File-AA Updates:

Thorndike suggested a new system for communicating general
information that comes through the office with the BOS. She will
have a “Miscellaneous” file available at her desk and at BOS
meetings for the Selectmen to peruse when it is convenient. They
will initial the documents to indicate that they’ve seen/read them.
Anything of importance or requiring action on behalf of the BOS will
be brought to their attention. Kate Thorndike will contact Rich
Chevalier, Green Mountain Water to get some more information about
water testing at the town buildings. The BOS decided against having
a Planet Aid Box at any of the municipal buildings in town. The
company who serviced the furnace has suggested replacement which also
came up in the energy audit. That recommendation be placed in the
2016 budget file. The School Board has presented an individual to
the BOS for appointment. It was the belief of the BOS that they do
not have the responsibility/authority to appoint to the SSD. Kate
Thorndike will confirm that tomorrow.

  1. Non-Public
    Meeting: RSA91-A:3, II (E) Litigation

Selectman Patnode made a motion to enter (8:36) Non-Public.

Merrifield seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously 3-0.

Selectman Merrifield made a motion to exit (8:43) Non-Public and to

minutes from that session. Selectman Patnode seconded the motion.

passed unanimously 3-0.

  1. Payroll,
    vendor payments and purchase orders were approved.


Laura Merrifield brought up the need for a site visit on one of the
properties in litigation with the Town. Kate Thorndike will contact
Town Counsel to confirm that the inspection is being done. Laura
Merrifield also brought up the need to update applicable property
owners on the process for the renewal of Junkyard permits. She wrote
up a letter for the BOS to review in hopes that property owners will
not be taken off guard when they discover there is a new process.

    MOTION: Gary Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:34 PM

Merrifield seconded the motion

Unanimously approved