July 7, 2014

Town of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes July 7, 2014 – 6:30 PM
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Gary Patnode and Laura Merrifield

Department heads present: Randy Smith, Road Agent; Al Henry, Fire Chief

Other staff: Jessica Nichols, Administrative Assistant; Mary Hull, Town Clerk/Tax Collector; Laura Lewandowski, Health Officer

Public: Steve Filipi, Filipi Construction; Ron Robbins, Keene Snow Riders; Paul Leclerc; Ron Hull

    CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 16, 2014 meeting. Chairman Patnode seconded the motion and the minutes were unanimously approved. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 16th non-public session. Chairman Patnode seconded the motion and the minutes were unanimously approved.

    DEPARTMENT HEADS: see below


    Steve Filipi from Filipi Construction submitted a building permit application for Brian and Lisa Brooks on Centre Street, Map 3 Lot 43-3. The permit did not include the abutter information and Mr. Filipi was directed to contact Mrs. Nichols to request owners and addresses. The Board proceeded to review the permit application recognizing that Mr. Filipi will return for the July 21 meeting with the abutter list.

    Paul Leclerc who is building a house on Apple Hill Road, Map 6 Lot 77-2 requested and received a 6 month extension.

    Randy Smith, Road Agent came before the Board in reference to following up on five property owners who have outstanding driveway permits. It was agreed he would hire out the paving work and use what funds were available to assure the best possible installation. The deadline for owners to contact the Town with their preference is July 12, so the Board will discuss the issue further at the July 21st meeting.

Mr. Smith reported reconstruction on South Road will be starting this week. He has not yet received all of the quotes but will return to the next meeting with more information.

Mr. Smith was accompanied by Ron Robbins from the Keene Snow Riders snowmobile association. Mr. Robbins had contacted Randy relative to relocating a trail along the Price Road. At the Board’s request, Mr. Robbins presented a map with two options and explained the need to relocate was because an existing trail was being discontinued at the owner’s request. He further explained the Snow Riders carry blanket liability for snowmobile use and the Town would be protected by that. To avoid the many wet areas, the trail would run alongside the road and in some cases on the snow banks. It was agreed the Board needed additional time to research the issue and would invite Mr. Robbins back at a later time.

Mr. Smith advised he will be providing an estimate for repairs on the John Deere backhoe. He also informed the Board he has nor had sufficient time to research the purchase of a new Town truck to replace Kodiak which sold at auction. He also said that recent heavy rain has wreaked havoc on the Town roads, requiring the future purchase of gravel and culverts. He reported scrap metal was turned in and funds were collected for the redemption. He suggested offering the old Austin Weston grader and miscellaneous parts by sealed bid in various publications. While the Town had intended on keeping it as a backup, it has not run in two years.

    Al Henry, Fire Chief came before the Board with regards to the purchase order for inspection and work needed for the new EMS squad SUV. Discussion ensued. He stated the vehicle was sold “as is” and no expenses other than inspection had been anticipated. He stated the work needed to pass inspection is normal wear and tear for a 14 year-old vehicle. The vehicle did have a NH state inspection sticker on it when purchased, but documentation stating the vehicle was sold “as is” is not in the Town’s possession. The Board suggested a letter be sent to Springfield Buick asking for participation in the cost of repairs.

    Another forest fire bill for the May 12, 2014 fire on Bowlder Road was approved by the Board.

    Laura Lewandowski, Health Officer presented the Board an update on the South Road property and a business complaint in Town. She presented a drafted letter for the South Road property owner including public health statutes. The Board advised Mrs. Lewandowski to set a plan for remedy with deadlines for completing clean up. She reported the business complaint is now in OSHA’s hands and there is nothing else the Town needs to do.

    Mary Hull, Town Clerk/Tax Collector requested the Board sign a pistol permit. She also reported four dog owners have been served by the Sheriff’s Department. The owners have yet to pay the fees. The Board recommended no payment extension past the end of July 2014 be granted.

Mrs. Hull presented the Board the 2011 tax liens eligible for deeding. On July 9, 2014 she will mail certified letters. If no payment arrangements are made, the deeds will be executed. Payment arrangements for two owners were reviewed.

    The Board acknowledged two septic system plan s that were reviewed/ stamped June 19, 2014 for Deborah Newell, 56 Centre Street, and George Gilman, 182 South Road June 23, 2014.

    Mrs. Nichols reported that she contacted Mr. Creassy from Otterbrook Construction and is waiting to hear back from him as to when he will begin work on the generator shed, and the two Town Hall entrances. The placement of the generator shed has been marked out as well as the gas line. Mrs. Nichols will be in touch with Randy Smith with regards to changing the snow removal pattern near the generator shed.

    Mrs. Merrifield reported the permanent electric service at Matthew Paquette’s Bowlder Road property has not been installed as agreed. Mrs. Nichols will be requesting an update.

    The Board acknowledged a communication from Town Attorney Maria Gavin regarding the Fernandes case. She has requested a hearing date in Superior Court.

    The June 2, 2014, Planning Board minutes were received and available to the Board.

    Mrs. Merrifield reported Judy Sadoski has reviewed and proposed language changes to the draft Welfare guidelines. As previously discussed, Ms. Sadoski, by appointment of the Board, will be filling the Overseer of the Poor position at least until next March. An appointment letter was signed by the Board.

    Payroll, vendor payments, and purchase orders were reviewed and approved. Discussion took place with regards to a purchase order for the Fire Department that initially was estimated at below $500, but then was invoiced at over.

General discussion ensued. Chairman Patnode noted a representative from the Sheriff’s Department will attend the next meeting to provide a 6 month incident report and address any other concerns of the Board.

Mrs. Merrifield reported she has received a response from a risk manager at Property Liability Trust relating to the Town volunteerism policy. She also reported a communication from Attorney Gary Kinyon with regards to a Motion to Stay in the case of Bruce Antis.

Mrs. Nichols presented coverage review from Property Liability Trust. She informed the Board cash receipts have been caught up and monthly bank reconciliations are close to being caught up. She is also researching on how to show budget appropriations on QuickBooks reports. She informed the Board the auditors have scheduled a visit later in the month. She has scheduled training with the NHMA, and has researched training with the DRA. She informed the Board of a DOT public meeting at Town Hall on August 5, 2014, at 7PM for Route 9 work.

The Board reviewed a proposal submitted by Allan Treadwell of Twin Bridge Services for Town Hall IT. Discussion proceeded and it was determined to invite Mr. Treadwell to the next meeting. The Board, also, reviewed a proposal for services from First Choice Communications relating a new phone system. The Board requested that Mrs. Nichols obtain further breakdown of the proposal. The Board also agreed a new phone system is not in the budget for this year, and will be seeking requests for proposals at a later date.


E. ADJOURNMENT: MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at


SECOND: Gary Patnode seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously approved


Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica Nichols

Administrative Assistant to the Board of the Selectmen