June 15, 2015

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Minutes June 15, 2015

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Joseph Lewandowski and Laura

staff: Kate Thorndike, Administrative Assistant

Maria Gavin, Esquire

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30
    PM. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of the
    June 1
    regular meeting with two changes. Gary Patnode seconded the motion
    and the minutes were unanimously approved.

    HEADS: Randy Smith


  1. Non-Public
    Meeting: RSA91-A:3, II (E) Litigation

Selectman Patnode made a motion to enter (6:30) Non-Public.

Merrifield seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously 3-0.

Selectman Patnode made a motion to exit (7:13) Non-Public.

Merrifield seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously 3-0.

  1. Randy
    Smith, Sullivan Road Agent

-Randy updated the
Board on his conversation with Attorney Margaret Barns at the NHMA
regarding the preservation of town turnarounds. He asked the Board’s
permission to use Brian Houghton, a highway employee to GPS,
photograph and map all the turnarounds which will then be placed on a
disc and also filed. Gary Patnode asked about the expense. Randy
assured the Board that the work would be done at Brian’s regular
hourly rate; on rainy days and that he anticipated completion by the
end of the year. He will also gather information from former
Sullivan Road Agents to confirm the use and timeline of all
turnarounds. Laura Merrifield noted that she had found a Snow
Removal Policy from 1998 and an amended one from 2010. The 2010
policy had removed language that protected the use of those
turnarounds and released the town from damages to private property.
She suggested that the board review the policy to return that
language into the body of the document.

-The highway’s
1957 Grader will be put out to bid. Randy will place the ad with the
Keene Sentinel with a deadline date of July 20

-Randy discussed the
paving budget for South Road. He expected the job to begin tomorrow
and be finished by Thursday. He asked the Board’s permission to
pave a little farther if the budget allowed. The Board agreed that
he was free to use the $150,000 that was approved at town meeting as
he saw fit. If he could stretch some more paving out without going
over budget, they had no problem with him doing so.

-Highway Garage
Safety: The non-flammable cabinet has been installed at the garage.
He has a quote of $300.00 to install ground fault plugs over the
work bench and fix the emergency lighting from Jack Beal. The
eye-wash station is an issue because there is no space to mount it
and the water quality is unsuitable to use for eye washing. This
prompted a bigger discussion about the water quality at all of the
town buildings. Laura Merrifield suggested getting Cushing and
Sons/Culligan in to test all the water and review all the systems to
present the Board with recommended repair/replacement.

-The Board reviewed
and approved Randy Smith’s Septic Design plan. The Board reviewed
and approved Randy Smith’s Building Permit application. The
Residential Energy Code Certificate will follow later in the process.

  1. Southwest
    Regional Planning Commission Appointments

Selectman Patnode made a motion to nominate Ann Sweet and Leslie
Casey who are active Planning Board members to serve as Commissioners
on the SWRPC for a period of four years.

Merrifield seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously 3-0.

  1. Fire
    Department PO for repairs to the air compressor:

Kate Thorndike
updated the Board on her research into the language and intent of the
originating breathing apparatus warrant article. After discussion
with the DRA, it was clarified that the language was vague and made
no reference to capital purchases only. Therefore, any expenses
related to breathing apparatus are allowed as well. Laura Merrifield
suggested tightening up the language which was suggested for a later

  1. 307
    Valley Road:

Laura Merrifield
confirmed that there was only one vehicle there now and the oil truck
was gone. Joe Lewandowski will drive by tomorrow to confirm.
According to the letter that was sent, they have until July 4

  1. Sullivan
    School District Request for double payments:

Kate Thorndike
updated the Board on her conversations with:

-Toni Ellsworth,
Treasurer for the SSD who explained that some of the reasons for
their cash flow problems are that it is a new district in only its
second year, students moving in and out of town, Special Education
and transportation costs and the school building didn’t sell as
soon or for as much money as they hoped.

-The Department of
Revenue who emphasized the importance of knowing whether or not the
SSD’s 2015-2016 budget could accommodate two skipped payments later

-NHMA legal counsel,
Attorney Stephen Buckley who said that the school district and the
town need to work cooperatively. However, he did emphasize that it
was incumbent upon the school to explain specifically why they need
the money and most importantly to identify which months will be
skipped if June and July are doubled up on.

-Rita Donaldson, the
town’s Financial Advisor at MRI who agreed to look at the SSD’s
financial documents on behalf of the Board and to also advise them of
the town’s present financial ability to pay those requested monies
out in July.

Board decided to meet with the School Board on June 22
at 6:30. Kate Thorndike will let Rita Donaldson know that she does
not need to attend but that the Board would like her to review the
school’s financial documents. Kate Thorndike will contact The
Chairman of the Budget Committee so they can be in attendance and
will also contact Toni Ellsworth to request financial documents be
forwarded to Rita.

  1. Payroll,
    vendor payments and purchase orders were approved.

discussion: Laura Merrifield and Kate Thorndike will work together to
get the RFP for financial services sent out to local accounting
firms. Laura Merrifield will research if the town has a Campground
Ordinance. Kate Thorndike will contact Al Henry about the HazMat
plan update and committee and also talk with Alan Treadwell about the
cost for public wireless access at Town Hall.

Selectman Merrifield made a motion to follow the recommendations

our assessing company, Avitar and transfer
services for the PSNH/

appeals to The Mitchell Group.

Selectman Patnode seconded the motion.

passed unanimously 3-0.

    MOTION: Gary Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:07PM

Merrifield seconded the motion

Unanimously approved