March 24, 2014

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Minutes March 24, 2014 – 6:30 PM

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Mark Paquette and Laura Merrifield

heads present: none

staff: none

Public: Anne
and Roger Sweet, Matthew Paquette, Butch Brooks

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at
    6:30 PM. Gary Patnode made a motion to approve the minutes as
    amended of the March 17, 2014, meeting. Mark Paquette seconded the
    motion and the minutes were unanimously approved.

  1. OPEN
    SESSION: Matthew Paquette was present to discuss the letter he had
    received from the Town regarding the housing conditions at 195
    Bowlder Road. Mr. Paquette reviewed the five (5) items detailed in
    the March 3
    letter. He noted that the electrical service, was, indeed a
    temporary service and he had already spoken with Vaughn Taylor at
    PSNH to install a permanent service. He agreed that June 1 would be
    a reasonable deadline for the installation. He’s to contact the
    Town upon completion. He went on to say that the tenant had given
    him a single bug which he had brought to a specialist who identified
    it as a grain bug that could come from flour products, dog food,
    etc. He said he treats the water filtration system annually but due
    to the high iron content, there would likely always be some odor.
    With regard to the chimney and wood stove, he advised that the wood
    stove was never intended to be a primary heat source and that the
    house filling with smoke could have been related to the door being
    left open. He said the ice buildup on the inside of windows was due
    to the tenant not removing the snow/ice buildup on the roof. He
    also noted that the tenant only brought these issues up once they
    had been served with an eviction notice because the rent had not
    been paid.

Chairman Patnode explained the reason the Town had sent
a letter about the property conditions is because a complaint had
been lodged with the Town’s health officer and that she and Mrs.
Merrifield, upon invitation from the tenant, visited the property for
purposes of observing the issues mentioned in the complaint. He went
on to say that while Sullivan has no building codes, per se, there
are housing standards in the State of NH which insures safe and clean
housing and since the complaint was lodged, it was incumbent upon the
Selectmen to contact him so that he could respond.

Mr. Paquette agreed this was appropriate and that he was
in the process of a civil action with the former tenants. He also
offered to allow the Selectmen to re-visit the property. The Board
did not think that was appropriate at the time but may do so after
the installation of the permanent electric service.

Butch Brooks had questions about the Current Use letters
from Avitar. It was requested that he stop in during regular
business hours for assistance.

    HEADS: None


  1. Mrs.
    Sweet spoke in regard to eliminating the PA28, Inventory of Taxable
    Property form. Mrs. Sweet said her research indicated other towns
    commonly compared to Sullivan have eliminated the form and she
    thought if Sullivan did, it would result in a savings of time and
    resources. Discussion ensued and it was determined that until the
    Town of Sullivan had a building permit system, which required
    property owners to obtain a permit for all improvements, the
    inventory was necessary to capture property changes.

Mrs. Sweet reported that Mr. Creasey from Otterbrook Construction was
hoping to start construction on the Library project in April and that
a funds disbursement will be forthcoming. Mrs. Sweet will find out
from the Library Trustees if there is a contract or other document
that details payment requirements.

  1. The
    Board reviewed the notices of decision regarding Patricia Alexander
    and Scott Alexander. The Board also requested that Attorney Gavin
    be present at any meetings the Selectmen had with the Alexander’s
    relating to the clean-up agreements.

  2. Mrs.
    Merrifield also reported Attorney Gavin is working on the Jones
    junkyard clean-up agreement this week.

Gavin also acknowledged, in writing, receipt of the DES
Administrative Order pertaining to Fernandes.

  1. The
    Board signed the abatement application on Swett and Hamilton
    denials. The Board also reviewed Avitar’s recommendation
    regarding the Pelletier abatement application, which was denied.
    The application was signed and a decision letter to Ms. Pelletier
    will be sent.

  2. There
    were no payroll or vendor payments available but the Board signed a
    purchase order.

  3. Further
    discussion ensued relating to the cleaning proposal from Mr. Dunton.
    The board is interested in having certain cleaning done weekly and
    will be working with Mr. Dunton to obtain a price.

  4. Further
    discussion ensured relative to the two people who each received 2
    votes for Overseer of the Poor. Both will be contacted in writing
    to determine if either is interested in serving and what
    qualifications they may have to fulfill this position.

discussion included the status of the administrative assistant
position; responses from accounting firms for payroll and payable
administration; phone conversation with DRA timber expert, Jessie
Bushaw, regarding two known timber cuts that are underway without
benefit of an
Intent to Cut;
a request to Roger Sweet to meet with the BOS regarding the Winch


  1. OLD
    BUSINESS: Reviewed list

    MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 PM

SECOND: Gary Patnode seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously approved


J. Merrifield

Board of Selectmen