May 12,2015

Town of Sullivan, NH Board
of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes May
12, 2015

Board members present: Gary Patnode,
Joseph Lewandowski and Laura Merrifield

Others: Mary Hull, Ron Hull and Laura

A. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Gary
Patnode called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM. He explained the
purpose of this meeting is to discuss two specific time sensitive

B. The Chairman explained the Town
recently received notice in mid April that Royal Green would no
longer be providing lawn mowing for town buildings and cemeteries.
Requests for proposals were advertised with proposals sent directly
to a number of providers. The deadline to receive proposals was
April 30. One proposal, far exceeding what the Town had budgeted
for, was received and reviewed on May 4. In the best interest of the
Town and with Memorial Day only a couple of weeks away, it was
decided to seek other alternatives which resulted in the receipt of
two additional proposals.

The proposers were Larson's Property
Service and James Snyder Landscaping&Property Maintenance.
After significant discussion between the Board members and Ron and
Mary Hull, Cemetery Trustees, it was determined Larson's, though
higher in price, had cemetery maintenance experience. The Trustees
also requested a provision requiring a 90 day written notice of
cancellation be made part of the contract.

On a vote of 2-1, with Mr. Lewandowski
dissenting, the Board approved entering into a contract with Larson's
Property Service.

C. Mrs. Merrifield explained that as
directed at the May 4 Board meeting, she had drafted a letter to the
owner of 90 South Road. That letter was forwarded to the Town's
Attorney who made important and significant changes to the draft.
Mrs. Merrifield distributed the Attorney's draft letter along with an
explanation of the changes. It was determined that Mrs. Lewandowski,
as Health Officer, would sign the letter, it would be forwarded by
certified mail to both owners with the Sheriff's Department hand
delivering a copy to 90 South Road. Further, discussion ensued
concerning how to proceed if the property owner did not abate the
nuisance within 14 days. It was agreed the Board and the Health
Officer would regroup after seven (7) days to make preliminary plans
to implement clean up should the property owner take no action.

  1. Adjournment: Motion: Laura
    Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:20 PM

Second: Gary Patnode seconded the

Approved: Unanimously approved

Respectfully Submitted,

Laura J. Merrifield

Member – Board of Selectmen