May 4, 2015

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes May 4, 2015

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Joseph Lewandowski and Laura

staff: Laura Lewandowski, Health Officer, Kate Thorndike,
Administrative Assistant

Lesley Casey, Planning Board Chair

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30
    PM. Gary Patnode made a motion to approve the minutes of the April
    regular meeting. Laura Merrifield seconded the motion and the
    minutes were unanimously approved. Laura Merrifield made a motion
    to approve the Non-Public minutes of the April 27
    meeting. Gary Patnode seconded the motion and the minutes were
    unanimously approved.

    HEADS: None


  1. Health
    Officer Laura Lewandowski was present to discuss a continuing trash
    issue at 90 South Road. Mrs. Lewandowski reviewed again with the
    Board the troubles she was having in making progress at the
    property. She told the Board that there was no state assistance and
    no funding for the problem. She said that she had been advised that
    an Administrative Warrant may be the only recourse for repayment
    should the Town of Sullivan decide to have the property cleaned up.
    The office will generate a follow-up letter on behalf of the Board
    of Selectmen to be delivered by the Sheriff clearly outlining the
    expectations for cleanup with a 14 day deadline date. AA Kate
    Thorndike will contact Attorney Gavin to discuss the severity of the
    problem and ask her to advise the Board on how to proceed.

  1. Health Officer,
    Laura Lewandowski presented a dog-bite complaint that had been
    forwarded to her. Selectman Merrifield offered some information
    regarding the process. It has been reported to the State Police.
    AA Kate Thorndike will file it in the office and Selectman Patnode
    will contact the Sheriff’s Department to inquire as to how other
    towns handle these complaints to be sure the Town is following
    proper process.

  1. AA
    Kate Thorndike updated the Board on discussion with New Hampshire
    DES regarding the status of compliance with Delbert Ouellette’s
    Junkyard. There are still two outstanding violation issues that he
    is dealing with and the case is currently in an “Enforcement
    Status”. The individuals responsible for his site were away from
    the office but Gardner Warr with the Oil Remediation &
    Compliance Bureau has recommended that until this case is settled
    that the Town ask Mr. Ouellette to provide his state permit and
    proof that he has met all the terms of the Administrative Order in
    order to proceed on a local level with the Town. The Board agreed
    that as a “Non-conforming” use, the permit expires after one
    year requiring Mr. Ouellette to begin the permit approval process

  1. Non-Public
    Meeting: RSA91-A:3, II (E) Litigation

Selectman Patnode made a motion to enter (7:09) Non-Public.

Merrifield seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously 3-0.

Selectman Patnode made a motion to exit (7:18) Non-Public.

Merrifield seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously 3-0.

  1. The
    Board opened one Lawn Maintenance Service proposal. The pricing was
    significantly higher than last year’s services and that which was
    budgeted. AA Kate Thorndike will talk with Mary Hull to see if last
    year’s vendor might be able to do the cemeteries for Memorial Day
    if necessary. She will call the vendor who provided the proposal
    to clarify his pricing and call some local companies to check into
    other available services. There was some discussion about the idea
    of town seasonal workers, oversight, liability and equipment need.

  1. AA
    Kate Thorndike presented a Tax Abatement recommendation from Avitar
    for Mr. Mark Byczko. The recommendation was for a denial and the
    office will generate a letter of response to Mr. Byczko.

  1. Payroll,
    vendor payments and purchase orders were approved.

discussion ensued: AA Kate Thorndike updated the Board on several
items of correspondence that came into the office including the 2014
Equalized Valuation and an Order from the BTLA re: PSNH. AA Kate
Thorndike informed the Board that at present there is no hot water in
the building and an excessive amount of sediment build up in the
toilets. Selectman Patnode will check out the water
heater/filtration system down stairs and will report back to the
Board. If necessary a plumber will be called. Selectman Lewandowski
said that Health Officer Lewandowski was responsible for and had the
authority to test the water. The topic of the necessity for a town
“Handyman” came up. Twin Bridges IT will be making changes on
Friday and Mary Hull will be meeting them and Fairpoint at Town Hall
at 8:00 am. The Board decided to defer any 2014 map changes until
2015. Selectman Merrifield updated the Board on a pending Current
Use issue where there is a small cabin on land in Current Use. The
owner has been notified that the building needs to be moved or the
town will issue a Land Use Change Tax. Selectman Merrifield will
write a letter on behalf of the Board requiring the landowner to move
the cabin by the end of July or the town will proceed with issuing a
LUCT. Selectman Patnode informed the office of an Inventory issue
with a homeowner whose address is incorrect and therefore the
Inventory was not received. He will be coming into the office to get
a blank form and update his correct address. Selectman Patnode
requested that his name be added to that file and if necessary, he
will accompany the Town’s assessing agent onto the property.

    MOTION: Gary Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM

Merrifield seconded the motion

Unanimously approved