MAY 7, 2012

Town of Sullivan, N.H. Board of Selectmen

Non-Approved Meeting Minutes Draft

May 7, 2012 – 7:30 PM

Sullivan Town Hall


Board members present: Mark Paquette, Gary Patnode, Bob Thayer

Department heads present: Randy Smith

Also present: Karen Luebkeman, Administrative Assistant, Chris Pratt, Steve Hamilton, Michelle Degree,

A. CALL TO ORDER: Mark Paquette called the meeting to order at 7:31PM


Steve Sullivan came before the Selectmen for a Building Permit for a one story agricultural building, which was approved.

Michelle Degree submitted her resignation as Welfare Officer to the Selectmen

Ms. Degree also voiced her extreme dissatisfaction in the Selectmen’s decision to have Police Chief Wheeler visit her residence regarding a matter with her neighbors.

Chris Pratt, Library Trustee updated the Selectmen on the ongoing work on the library. The sill on the north side of the library needed to be replaced, which has been completed. Clapboards will now be reapplied to the building.

Chris Pratt requested permission to obtain painting quotes from Stebbins Spectacular Painting to paint the north side of the Library once carpentry work is completed, as well as obtaining a quote for additional exterior painting that is needed. The Selectmen approved his request to get estimates for the additional painting.

Steve Hamilton attended in his capacity as Chairman of the Planning Board and advised the Selectmen that there will be a ZBA Meeting to address a special exception for Jetoby Fletcher of 5 Arlen Drive. This is for the construction of a porch on the Centre Street side of the residence that does not meet setback requirements.

Mr. Hamilton updated the Selectmen on the Planning Board’s decision to begin working on an updated Master Plan for the Town of Sullivan. The last update to the Sullivan Master Plan was 2005 and is usually updated every five years. It is anticipated that the project will take approximately one year. The Planning Board is hoping that the community will take an active role in determining the future of the town as it relates to the new Master Plan and invites everyone to participate by attending meetings which are held the first Wednesday of the month.

C. Department Heads:

Randy Smith updated the Selectmen on ongoing projects in town. The anticipated paving date for South Road is tentatively set for June 1, 2012.

The road agent shared with the Selectmen a conversation between himself and the contractor for a new construction project on Apple Hill regarding the Town’s concerns for the current state of the driveway which has not been maintained according to the original driveway permit stipulations. Improvements to the driveway will be a condition for issuance of the requested building permit.

Randy brought to the attention of the Selectmen logging projects occurring on Concord Road and Bowlder Road.


D. Selectmen’s Business:

On Saturday May 5, 2012 Selectmen Mark Paquette and Robert Thayer toured properties in Sullivan that received letters in July 2011 advising the owners that
"the conditions on the subject property constitute the maintenance of a Junk Yard" and notification was given to resolve the issue or face enforcement action in accordance with RSA 236:128.

It was determined that a number of properties were still not in compliance, therefore

letters will be sent notifying the commencement of fines until such compliance occurs.

In a separate case, a complaint was received involving another property in Town

where there are concerns regarding health and sanitation issues at the residence. A

letter will be sent to the property owner requesting that they attend a Selectmen’s

meeting to discuss the issue.

General business including the approving of payroll and vendor payments, review of

invoices and PO’s was addressed.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:18PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen B. Luebkeman,

Administrative Assistant, Town of Sullivan