Minutes of April 6, 2009

Selectmen Present: Cheryl Labadie, Bob Thayer, and Mark Paquette.

Payroll and Bills Were Approved.

Mark&Robert Smith were present, Mark was served with a cease order. He was asking what he needed to do to operate the portable wood processor. It is on his property, but is is portable and is easily moved. Right now he cannot move it because of the roads being shut down. Once the roads are open he can move it. He was hoping to do cordwood during mud season. He has not run the wood proccessor since last fall, October 4, 2008. Selectmen discussed with Mark the steps that he needs to take in order to have a business on his property. He needs to go through the "ZBA" Zoning Board of Adjustments, get a site plan review, to obtain a special exception. Mark needs to get something signed by his land abutters and neighbors that they do not have a problem with him running the wood processor on his land. Cheryl walked Marks land today; she said that he does have a lot of cordwood piled up, although he was very clean and neat. There is not a ZBA Committee right now. Cheryl Labadie will contact Mark when they get the committe together.

Town Official Present: Neil "Al" Henry (Fire Chief), Randy Smith (Road Agent).

Randy Smith needs a purchase order signed for Twin State Truck Service  a supplement of PO#2009086; the extra cost is because of that the springs need to be replaced. They were last replaced in June 2000. A Purchase order for approval Henniker Crushed Stone, the stone is needed for the dirt roads to keep them passable. FEMA will be here April 14th for the big clean up after the ice storm this winter. Randy has a list of driveways that need culverts and unpaved curb cuts; he would like to send out notices that his needs to be done. The Culvets that need to be done so that turtles and reptiles can pass through; this comes out of the special projects.

Intent to cut timber:

1) Therse Hotchkiss for Cross Rd. (M/L 4-007-000)

2) Lakeville Shores, Inc. for Hubbard Rd. (M/L 5-054-000)

Selectmen's signature is required. They were approved and signed.

Correspondence from Beth Fernald the Town Attorney VS. Dale Paquette, copies of the agreement reached April 1, 2009 is enclosed. Fawn has a sub-total of the attorney's fees regarding this matter; she is waiting for the statement for April 1, 2009. Cheryl Labadie waived the civil penalties, the Judge agreed with Cheryl, but Dale Paquette has to pay the attorney's fees.

The NH Local Government Center is offering Local Officals workshops.There are two sessions offered. There is no fee for this workshop. Mark Paquette and Cheryl Labadie are interested.

The selectmen had a discussion about appointed members to the Zoning Board of Adjustments as all terms have expired. According to RSA 673:3, the ZBA must have 5 members and those members must be residents of sullivan. Per RSA 673:5, ZBA members are to serve a term of three years and terms are to be staggered. One member of the planning board and one member of the conservation commission may be appointed to the ZBA (RSA 373:7).

Jim Gibney, a representative of the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration Assessment Bureau, would like to schedule a time to meet with the selectmen to go over the assessement process. Sullivan had its last assessment review in 2004 and is due for review again this year. the meeting will take 1 to 2 hours. the Selectmen would like to meet on May 4th at 7:30 p.m.

Notes from Ann Sweet regarding the information of the engery committee and their upcoming meeting on April 15, 2009 at 7:15 p.m. The Selectmen reviewed. Mark Paquette will attend the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Heidi Bobeen