Minutes of August 6, 2018

Town of Sullivan, NH 
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes, August 6, 2018
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Laura Merrifield, Jeff Burbank and Marsha Cook 

Department Heads/Officers: Road Agent Todd Smith  

Staff: Kate Fuller, Administrative Assistant

Public: Mike and Bonnie Blanchard and Hilliare Wilder

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Laura Merrifield called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Jeff Burbank made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 23, 2018 meeting, seconded by Marsha Cook. The minutes were unanimously approved as amended. Jeff Burbank made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 23, 2018 Non-Public meeting, seconded by Marsha Cook. The minutes were unanimously approved. 


Building Permit for garage on 69 South Road-Outstanding requirements were satisfied and the permit was approved by the Board. 
Hilliare Wilder-Discussion on Beaver Deceiver-Mr. Wilder came in with an update on possible maintenance and explained that he would like to present that plan to the Conservation Commission when they reconvene. Laura Merrifield informed Mr. Wilder that the area he suggested for the Beaver Deceiver was private property and the owner was not interested in this option. Mr. Wilder will follow up with the owner and explain that there is no cost associated. 

Plowing Bill for the Town of Stoddard-Due to the transitions in the Highway Department, the usual tracking on the plowing and sanding bill for Stoddard was not accomplished. Road Agent Todd Smith and Stoddard Town Manager Jim Coffey agree that an average of the last four years bills would be billed for this year; the Board concurred. 

Building Permit-review of conditional permit for 375 RT9-Approved by the Board.

Building Permit for garage-Old Country Road-The Board reviewed the permit for the garage and asked for some more information to be gathered about the camp on the property before approval. 

Monarch Data Distribution and Service Distribution Agreement for the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds-Kate will get information from the Town IT company and the Town Clerk before this contract is signed. 

Payroll, Vendor Payments and Purchase Orders-Purchase orders and manifest approved as submitted. 

Miscellaneous/General Discussion
New Hampshire Municipal Association Legislative Bulletin-received. 
SWRPC Highlights, received. 
E-mail from Jae Whitelaw of Mitchell Municipal Group regarding a Motion to Reconsider for Fairpoint utility valuation, received. Laura Merrifield will follow up on comparing costs of continuing with litigation versus taxation income. 
Annual recertification for the Prime3 Designation and insurance discount, completed and submitted. 
Letter from State Department of Natural and Cultural Resources Division of Forests and Lands approving the Forest Fire Wardens, received.

Letter from DOT regarding amounts of the Highway Block Grant Aid, received. 
E-mail from Becky Cummings reporting on the Republican ballot inspectors, received. 
Kate reported on pricing for a cell phone for the Highway department, the Board agreed to make the purchase up to $150. 
An Assessor from Avitar will be visiting properties for the next two weeks. 

Board of Selectmen-General Discussion
Planning Board minutes are now up to date and in the Board’s office. 
Laura Merrifield spoke about RSA 41:29. 

MOTION: Jeff Burbank moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 pm.
SECOND: Marsha Cook

APPROVED: Unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katherine M. Fuller
Administrative Assistant for the Board of Selectmen