Minutes of December 11, 2017

Town of Sullivan, NH 
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes, December 11, 2017
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Chairman Laura Merrifield, Jeff Burbank and Joe Lewandowski 

Department Heads/Officers: 

Staff: Kate Fuller, Administrative Assistant

Public: None

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Laura Merrifield called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Jeff Burbank made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 4, 2017 meeting, seconded by Joe Lewandowski. The minutes were unanimously approved as amended. Jeff Burbank made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 4, 2017 Selectmen’s Budget meeting, seconded by Joe Lewandowski. The minutes were unanimously approved as amended. 



Final Budget Review-Several items were adjusted, they are as follows:
$5,000 added to Selectmen’s budget in building maintenance for replacement of the culvert under the Fire Station. 
$3.00 added to the Planning Board budget to account for actual dues amount. 
$2,000 subtracted from Highway diesel to account for rates and usage. 
$2,339.79 was added to Library for wages. 

Laura Merrifield made a motion to put forth the Selectmen’s budget with the new totals of $721,687.62 for the Total Operating Budget and $801,187.62 for the Total Budget. Seconded by Jeff Burbank, vote was in the affirmative. 

Discussion-Road Agent position and temporary assistance-Laura has been approached by two people who would like to apply for the Road Agent position. After discussion and review of the pertaining RSA; it was decided that the position will be advertised in the Keene Sentinel and that the two interested candidates will be notified of the requirements stated in the ad. 

Tax Deeded property-24 Arlen Drive-Discussion Method of disposal-After discussion it was decided that the expenses associated with the property (unpaid taxes, legal fees, insurance costs, etc.) would be tallied. Additionally the Town would request that the Assessor visit the property for a current inspection. Different methods of disposal were also discussed. 

Jim Forrest-267 Centre Street-Request for extension for cleanup-Mr. Forrest requested an extension for his cleanup; Kate will follow up on dates and report back to the Board. 

Continued Discussion-Campers and update on meeting with Attorney Kinyon-Gary Kinyon and Laura Merrifield looked at five campers; two of which have been reported as permanent residences. This is not a permitted use according to the Community Planning Ordinance. Mr. Kinyon is drafting two letters of Cease and Desist to the campers that are being lived in permanently on South and Rugg Roads; and letters of inquiry to the three other campers on Valley and Gilsum Roads.                                                                                      

Payroll, Vendor Payments and Purchase Orders-Purchase orders and manifest approved as submitted.

Miscellaneous/General Discussion-E-mail from Becky Cummings; newsletter deadline is December 20th. Trustees report for November, received. Bridge report from DOT, received. SWRPC Highlights, received. Ambulance call log, received. Draft for holiday closures reviewed. Kate let the Board know that she would be taking two vacation days. E-mail from attorney Gary Kinyon about cleanup proposal acceptance at 62 Ellis Road, received. 

Board of Selectmen-General Discussion-Board meetings have been rescheduled due to the holidays and are December 27th and January 4th. Discussion ensued about setting a time to review non-monetary warrant articles. A letter was received from the State permitting the paving of a driveway at 874 Centre Street. The Board will ask the Planning Board Chair-Leslie Casey to follow up on the Town portion of the permitting process. 

MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 pm.  

SECOND: Jeff Burbank
APPROVED: Unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katherine M. Fuller
Administrative Assistant for the Board of Selectmen