Minutes of December 13, 2010

 Jody McDermott

Members Present: Chairman: Cheryl Labadie; Selectmen: Mark Paquette and Robert Thayer

A. Call to Order – 7:30 PM: The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM.

B. Citizen’s Discussion – No Known Appointments

C. Approval of Minutes – November 29, 2010 and October 25, 2010 – NO ACTION TAKEN.

D. Department Head Appointments – None scheduled.

Energy Commission: Ann Sweet was in attendance to present the Board with a warrant article that would be presented to the Budget Committee for their recommendation. This article is asking for monies in the amount of $7,000.00 for insulation of the Highway Garage.

Ann has asked Al Henry, Fire Chief to use the Fire Department’s system that allows a presentation through a computer for a presentation.

Selectman Thayer informed the Board that the Selectmen have been looking into purchasing and locating an outdoor furnace at the Highway Garage; one that would be located further away and that would not require a building to have to be constructed, the furnace is self contained. Mr. Sweet said that the grant would not pay for a furnace such as this. Selectman Thayer said that the Selectmen have been considering saying "no thank you" to the grant because of all the extenuating expenditures that are necessary in order to comply with the grant. Mrs. Sweet agreed that it was an option and thanked the Selectmen for their straightforwardness. Chairman Labadie reiterated that the extra costs associated with the grant were a serious concern.

Selectman Thayer explained that the furnace they were looking into had pipes that are underground and this supplies the hot water, it also has a boiler. Some of these furnaces do not even use electricity. Mr. Sweet stated that this type of furnace would need constant maintenance to keep it running. Selectman Thayer responded that Randy Smith, Highway Road Agent had said that keeping the fires going would not be a problem.

The Selectmen are going to obtain cost estimates to compare and decide what the best solution is for this problem.

Selectman Thayer thought we would have estimates in a month or so. The Committee and the Board agreed that it would be inappropriate at this time to submit these warrant articles. It was agreed that the Energy Committee would return to the meet with the Selectman on January 3, 2011 to revisit this issue.

E. Selectmen’s Business

1. Payroll and Vendor Manifest – December 13, 2010: Motion was made by Chairman Labadie to approve the payroll and vendor manifest, seconded by Selectman Thayer and the motion passed.

2. Set date for BOS and Jody to meet to prepare Selectmen’s budget – No action taken.

3. BOS to sign purchase orders over $350.00 the purchase orders were signed by both Selectmen who were present.

4. BOS to sign Energy Committee Letter – Both Chairman Labadie and Selectman Thayer signed the letter to be sent to the Energy Committee with regard to the energy grant. Selectman Paquette has already signed this document.

5. Review new contract for Oce copier: The information provided for a new leased copier with the same configuration as the one existing, for less each month for the lease; the existing lease being $126.00/month while the new copier would cost $110.00/month, and the existing maintenance contract is $41.00, the new maintenance contract is $34.00/month given the figures it appears that it would be appropriate to get the new copier.

6. Discuss Keene School District letter – William Gurney, Co-Superintendent of the Keene School District sent a letter to the Selectmen informing that the Keene School District will complete construction of a new Middle School next summer . He stated that the Keene School Board has asked him to reach out to surrounding communities to ask if there may be interest in having their students attend Keene Schools. If interested, he would meet with the Selectmen to discuss this option. The Selectmen asked Jody to make an appointment/meeting with Mr. Gurney to discuss this proposition.

7. UNH Coop Extension invitation – the Selectmen cannot commit at this time.

8. The Board of Selectmen reviewed the NH Civil Engineer Newsletter – we will begin keeping these for future review.

9. Southwest Region Planning Commission 10 Year Transportation Plan – the Board asked Jody to reschedule this matter for the upcoming Board of Selectmen’s Meeting on Monday December 20, 2010 so that both the Fire Chief and Road Agent may be in attendance to participate in this discussion. The Transportation Plan is calling for RFP’s for new projects for inclusion in the Ten-Year Plan.

10. Notice from State of new Forest Ranger for our vicinity; Jody will alert both the Fire and Police Departments for their information.

11. Avitar Ratio Study – this is important because it helps to sets our equalization ratio. Chairman Labadie and Selectman Thayer both signed the Municipal Assessment Data Sheets Certificate so that this may be forwarded to the Department of Revenue Administration prior to the deadline date of December 15, 2010.

12. Richard Smith: Application for Current Use for properties located on Bowlder Road and Chapman Pond. Jody checked and there are no liens against the property so it may be placed in Current Use. Both Chairman Labadie and Selectman Thayer signed the application which will be forwarded to the Registrar of Deeds for recording, the Tax Collector for tax purposes and to the Assessment Files. There were questions as so if a new owner was required to submit a new Current Use application and whether or not the property could stay in Current Use if the property was transferred. Another question raised was whether the credit obtained by Current Use had to be repaid if the land was taken out of Current Use.

F. Other Business - None

G. Non-public session – No action taken.

H. Adjournment

Motion was made by Chairman Labadie to adjourn the public meeting at 9:30 PM, seconded by Selectman Thayer and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody McDermott

Administrative Assistant

Town of Sullivan