Minutes of February 25, 2008

 Selectmen present: Rick Hotchkiss, Cheryl Labadie 

City Officials present: Al Henry and Ray Maclean 

Citizens present: Steve Hamilton 

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm 

Town bills were reviewed and accepted. 

Ray Maclean presented a letter to the selectmen concerning the matter of Paquette and sons trucking. Their permit to run their wood processing business was denied due to road conditions and easement concerns. There is a concern that more than one business is being run from that property. The ZBA asks the selectmen to enforce the cease and desist order that the Paquette's have received until further exceptions are met. 

Al Henry presented the final purchase order from Scott Lake for the brush truck. Let special mention be made to Scott and Susan Lake as they have made a sizable donation to this project. Al Henry has been down to the old Paul Atwood place and he says it is not safe enough to burn for training for the Fire Dept. 

Timber tax forms were presented and signed. 

Pole permits for Mark Paquette's land were signed; the poles are there they need to be moved. 

Correspondence from Beth Fernald, our town lawyer, regarding the MRSD early retirement issue, was read and recorded. 

MS-7 final budget was reviewed and is ready for voting. 

The town warrants were previewed. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Hull