Minutes of January 14, 2008

Selectmen present: Rick Hotchkiss (Incomplete Quorum) 

Town officials present: Chris Pratt, Karl Wheeler, Al Henry, Randy Smith 

Citizens present: Tim Aho 

There is not a meeting just a discussion session starting at 7:30pm 

The selectman talked to all town officials present regarding their budgets. 

Chris Pratt discussed the library budget. 

Karl Wheeler discussed the Police department budget. 

Al Henry talked about the Emergency Management Budget and the Fire and rescue budget. He is applying for a grant through FEMA for a safe shelter generator. Al Henry presented a sample Memorandum of understanding to propose use of the Sullivan Congregational Church as that safe shelter. This looked good to Rick Hotchkiss but needs to be reviewed by Cheryl Labadie in order to be voted upon. 

Randy Smith presented the Highway Department budget. He asked permission to enter a warrant article asking for $50,000 to $60,000.00 for a new Town truck, this would possibly be a GMC cab and Chassis. 

Fawn presented the 2008 Vacation calendar (schedule of holidays) she suggested that December 26 and July 3 be added this year as the two floating holidays. So as it stands now the Town Holidays are January 1, May 26, July 4, September 1, November 27 and 28, December 25, and two floaters. 

A sample petition to insert certain articles in Sullivan 2008 Town meeting warrant was reviewed. 

The session was adjourned at 9:20. 

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Hull