Minutes of January 19, 2004

Selectmen Present: Richard Hotchkiss, Dick Labadie, and Mike Carney

Secretary Pro-tempore: Mike Carney

Others Present: Bill Kingsbury, Randy Smith, Roger Sweet, and Al Henry

Meeting called to order 7:30pm

Bill Kingsbury came to inquiry on his junkyard permit. We did not locate his paperwork until after he left. Bill had brochure from the state he was showing.

Roger Sweet came to discuss the penalty for taking land out of current use. He said many towns, particularly in Rockingham County, provide 100% of that penalty to the conservation committee. It is currently 50% to the committee in town. Conservation committee would like to put an article on the warrant for public to consider that 100% of the penalty goes to conservation comm. He asked if selectmen were in favor and would support warrant. Selectman said they would not support it. Roger asked if we would consider an article in the warrant proposing a capital reserve for a land acquisition fund. Roger indicated his term on conservation commission is ending in 3/04 and he is not running again.

Randy Smith submitted purchase orders.

Al Henry presented paperwork for homeland security grant that needed R. Hotchkiss’s signature. Al also noted EVM is coming back Saturday for the 2nd half of training.

Mike Carney brought up that Chris Pratt came by his home 1/17/04 to advise that Patricia Hartwell’s dog was still bothering him and was apparently outside during the recent sub-zero temperatures. Chris called Karl Wheeler. Chris advised he would be sending the selectmen another letter.

Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Carney