Minutes of January 26, 2004

Selectmen Present: Michael Carney and Richard Labadie

Secretary: Fawn Woudenberg

Others Present: Tim Aho (Valley Road), Henry Brooks JR (South Road), Cheryl Labadie (South Road), C. Christopher Pratt (Moderator), and Roger Sweet (Conservation Commission)

Meeting called to order 7:30pm.

R. Sweet gave the Board of Selectmen a draft of a proposed article to be placed on the Town warrant to establish a capital reserve fund for the conservation commission.

Moderator C. Pratt stated he had received notification that a representative from the State Attorney General’s office would be inspecting the polling place during the Presidential Primary on January 27. Mr. Pratt was concerned that the town would not meet the handicap requirements. Among items discussed were moving the handicap parking sign to allow for a larger parking space, new signage indicating the location of the handicap entrance, and the installation of a railing along the handicap walkway.

Henry “Butch” Brooks JR brought to the Selectmen’s attention the issue of a mobile home owned by Lester Thayer (South Road) being too close to set-back boundaries. Selectmen R. Labadie stated he would investigate the matter.

T. Aho inquired as to whether the Board of Selectmen received a response from NH Senator Bob Odell regarding funding of the default school budget. No response had been received. The Board of Selectmen encouraged Mr. Aho to file for either the vacant school board position or the school budget committee member position.

Payroll and bills were approved.

Selectmen M. Carney and R. Labadie stated the amount on the proposed warrant article submitted by R. Sweet should be $500 as agreed at the January 19 Board of Selectmen Meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Fawn Woudenberg