Minutes of July 23, 2018

Town of Sullivan, NH 
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes, July 23, 2018
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Laura Merrifield, Jeff Burbank and Marsha Cook 

Department Heads/Officers: Road Agent Todd Smith and Becky Cummings Supervisor of the Checklist 

Staff: Kate Fuller, Administrative Assistant

Public: Pete Bissell  

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Laura Merrifield called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Jeff Burbank made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 9, 2018 meeting, seconded by Marsha Cook. The minutes were unanimously approved. 


Building Permit for garage on 69 South Road-The owner did not come to the meeting so this permit will be completed at a future meeting.  

Becky Cummings Supervisor of the Checklist-Becky Cummings came in to inform the Board that two members of the Republican Party were required to be nominated to serve the Town as Ballot Clerks. The Board can choose to nominate or delegate that responsibility to the Moderator. The Board decided to delegate this authority to the Moderator, Chris Pratt. Becky Cummings will notify him.

Peter Bissell-Failed Septic System-Mr. Bissell presented a plan to replace a failed septic system at 159 Hubbard Road. The Board approved the plan.

Complaint about visibility for drivers on Valley Road-Road Agent Todd Smith spoke to how that area had been trimmed but it is still difficult for drivers turning onto Centre Street from Valley Road. Todd will assess the situation, part of the issue may be on Centre Street which is a State road and he might have to contact District 4 DOT to get a resolution. Kate will inform the complainant of the plan. 

Todd Smith Road Agent-Sand/Salt Shed/beaver concerns/tractor purchase/reclamation bids for Hubbard Road-Laura Merrifield asked a question regarding the Terrastar repairs; Todd Smith explained the recent repairs. 
Todd presented his plan for sand to be stored in a three sided structure with an asphalt foundation and three partial block walls. This project would also include an electrical pole. He showed the Board a picture and the costs and asked for the process. Laura Merrifield explained the budgeting process and the site plan and Driveway Permit process. 

Beaver concerns were briefly discussed and the most problematic beaver dam is on private property. This subject will be revisited at the next meeting. 
Tractor purchase-Todd found a 2014 Mahindra tractor to purchase. It had a one year warranty on the power train and 1094 hours on it. It was used at a small business for snow removal and small jobs. It will come with a heavy duty bucket. The benefit of this tractor is that the Town might be able to purchase some attachments for the 3 point hitch for implements like a York rake or mower that the Town currently rents. 
Todd Smith reviewed three asphalt reclamation quotes for Hubbard Road. He recommended BDM Arlington who will also rent the Town a roller. 
Todd updated the Board on the progress on Hubbard Road. The Highway department has replaced six culverts and is going to be working on the two permitted culverts soon. He also spoke about some problems in a section with ledge that might require blasting. 

They have cleared out ditches and had some tree work done and are expecting more tree work will need to be done. 

Raffle Permit-Sullivan Fire Department-Signed by the Board. 

Holiday Pay-Discussion ensued, using the Personnel Manual as a reference, about availability and how this may relate to Holiday pay. It was concluded that Kate would make a note for the personnel file of the one employee that this pertains to. 

Acknowledgement of financial reports and adjusting journal entries for June-Acknowledged by the Board. 

Trails Report-Kate presented notes from a conversation with Eric White who was representing the Trails Committee. The Board approved the request for the Trails Committee to have a proposed trail come out in the woodsy area behind the Fire Station and follow the woodsy area in the back of Town Hall on a motion made by Marsha Cook and seconded by Laura Merrifield, vote in the affirmative. Kate will advise Eric White of this and also pass on the recommendation from the Board that he contact the Planning Board about the requirements for site plan review for the parking lot refurbishment.
Payroll, Vendor Payments and Purchase Orders-Purchase orders and manifest approved as submitted. 

Miscellaneous/General Discussion
Cheshire County Sheriff Department log for June, received. 
Update on bankruptcy proceedings for 101 Gilsum Road, received. 
Kate will look into getting a Tracfone for the use of the Highway department.
E-mail update from Attorney Gary Kinyon about inspection on 62 Ellis Road, received. 
Kate went over the RFP’s and will clean up the drafts for the next meeting. 

Board of Selectmen-General Discussion
Laura Merrifield spoke to the CDBG lien release that the Board signed so that the sale of 211 Apple Hill Road could occur. 
Marsha Cook asked a question about why the Board takes a summer break and Laura Merrifield explained the reasoning. Marsha Cook also asked about quotes on used equipment; Laura Merrifield explained the difficulties in finding like comparisons. 

MOTION: Marsha Cook moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:58 pm.
SECOND: Laura Merrifield
APPROVED: Unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katherine M. Fuller
Administrative Assistant for the Board of Selectmen