Minutes of July 26, 2010

Members present: Cheryl Labadie, Chairman; Robert Thayer, Selectman; and, Jody McDermott, Administrative Assistant.

Department Heads present: Al Henry, Fire Chief.

The meeting was opened at 7:30 PM.

Al indicated that the Fire Department was not interested in sharing a Fairpoint modem with the Library at this time; he felt it would be better to install the Library now and the Fire Department once the lines to the Fire Station and other issues were resolved.

The Fire Department is interested in obtaining Fairpoint internet as they feel they have programs that work better with Fairpoint, they also want to keep Hughesnet internet. If we keep Hughesnet we will avoid paying an early disconnect fee as well as retain internet service in the event of an emergency or if Fairpoint were to go out. The cost per month will not increase since we are receiving free service from Fairpoint for the first nine months.

Al said that we would not be charged for the visit to check the validity of the existing modem at the Fire Station that has been malfunctioning and we will not be charged for the new modem either. This is good news because we had initially been told we would be charged for both.

Al is interested in getting the generators installed for both the Town Hall and the Church, which are imperative during a loss of power or emergency situation. He already has the transfer switch.

Jody will hire an electrician to install the generator to the Town Hall and will make arrangements for the electrician to meet with Al to get the specifics and location of installation after 1:30 when he is available. A pad will have to be poured for the generator to be placed on. Al will do this. The electrician will be paid through the Capital Reserve Building Maintenance line item.

Al has given the Highway Department a computer from the Emergency Management Department and will hook it up for them to use.

Al indicated that he plans to use the former Emergency Management office for storage with items such as signage and a water tank.

The fire alarm in the basement has been chirping. It will need to be repaired or changed out. It has been in service there for ten years, its useful life.

Motion was made by Cheryl Labadie to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 PM, seconded by Robert Thayer, and the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody McDermott

Administrative Assistant