Minutes of March 10, 2008

Selectmen Present: Richard Hotchkiss, Cheryl Labadie 

Others Present: Chris Pratt, Randall Smith, Neil Henry and Matthew Paquette 

Meeting called to order 7:30pm. 

C. Pratt inquired as to whether the Town had paid an invoice to Keene Gas for repair to the library furnace. After some research, it was noted that the Selectmen approved and issued payment on January 14; the Library Trustees also paid the bill. Regarding the Town Warrant, Mr. Pratt inquired as to the budget committee recommended appropriation for the library and whether the NH Department of Revenue had reviewed the language contained within the warrant. The budget committee’s recommended appropriation included a pay increase for the librarian but reduced the heating fuel allowance; the warrant was reviewed by the NH Department of Revenue Administration. 

R. Smith submitted a purchase order to the Board of Selectmen for the acquisition of crushed stone to be used on gravel roads this coming spring. 

N. Henry submitted a purchase order to the Board of Selectmen for the state inspection and repair for Fire Department vehicles. Mr. Henry informed the Selectmen of a letter to be sent to residents residing downstream of the dam on the “Mill Pond” on Granite Lake to alert them to potential flooding. Copies of the letter will also be made available at the Town Hall and Sullivan Country Store. 

M. Paquette inquired about the file containing the recent decision made by the Zoning Board of Appeals regarding the application for special exception by Paquette & Sons Firewood. A copy of the ZBA decision letter was given to Mr. Paquette. 

K. Gray inquired about the process of adjusting a boundary line. 

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Hull