Minutes of March 17, 2008

Selectmen present: Rick Hotchkiss, Cheryl Labadie 

Town Officials present: Chris Pratt, Al Henry, and Randy Smith 

Citizens present: Henry Brooks 

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm 

Henry Brooks had an application for current use and this was approved. 

Town bills were reviewed and approved. 

Chris Pratt asked for $8275.00 to be transferred to Sullivan Public Library Trustees for the purpose of operating the library. 

Randy Smith asked what should be done about Waste Management and the posted roads. The selectmen decided that Waste Management should call Randy prior to coming to Sullivan and leave the discretion to Randy whether they can travel the roads or not. 

Al Henry came before the selectmen to let them know that because we complied with emergency operations plans given by the State of NH we have been approved for a grant for a new radio for the fire station. This will be installed soon. Al Henry presented a purchase order for N. E. Emergency apparatus for the forestry pump and installation of on Brush I truck, $5500.00. This money has already been approved in the forest fire trust budget. Al presented updates for the master Emergency Operations book: these are a Statement of Promulgation and forward Annual Concurrence; they required signatures from the selectmen. They were reviewed and signed. 

Letters to the State representatives regarding warrant article 36 were reviewed and signed. 

The selectmen signed the MS-2 form (report of appropriations as voted). 

New wage rates for Town employees were established. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Hull