Minutes of March 3, 2008

Selectmen present: Rick Hotchkiss, Cheryl Labadie 

City Officials present: AI Henry and Randy Smith 

Citizens present: John Little, John Bolles and Victor Malivetz 

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm 

Town bills were reviewed and accepted. 

John Little from Apple Hill wanted to see what the policy was on obtaining permits to start a farm on his property. He plans to have some bee hives. The selectmen told him that agriculture is permitted activity and a permit is not necessary. 

Victor Malivetz came to the meeting to present his resume for Town deputy police officer. He had applied for the job already and has had a meeting with Karl. 

John Bolles came wanting a definition for the tern "small scale" animal husbandry. This is a term in a warrant article (#3) that will be voted on for revision. Rick stated that the planning board did not give a "definition" per se but that it would have to be up for discretion. John feels worried about this term, he fears that it will, in the future infringe on citizens rights as farmers. 

Randy Smith announced that he will be posting the roads as of March 6 through May 15. This will appear in the newspaper. He is concerned about flooding in the weeks to come. Randy also presented a Purchase order for road salt from Henniker Stone for $1899.24. This was voted on and unanimously passed. 

Al Henry let the selectmen know that the firehouse system from Mutual Aide reports directly to the State. They received a grant for the equipment, the first year is covered and the cost thereafter will be $200.00 a year for maintenance. He needs the selectmen signature to give permission to go through dispatch. This was signed by selectmen. 

Correspondence from Bruce Antis was presented; he was asking if a building permit would be possible for his son's property, Bruce Antis Jr. This property is on Winch Hill. A building permit is not possible and Rick Hotchkiss will respond to the letter. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Hull