Minutes of Oct. 19, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm.

Selectmen Present: Cheryl Labadie, Mark Paquette and Bob Thayer

Payroll and Bills were approved

Resident Present: Dawn Martin came in to talk with the Selectmen about donating money to the United Way. There were 487 families that used the United Way last year alone in the Town of Sullivan. Cheryl told Dawn that she could petition the town at the town meeting. Petition a Warrant Article, she only needs 25 signatures. She left brochures at the town hall.

Purchase orders for approval: The Fire Department needed a purchase order signed for a stand by fee for the ambulance.

Form MS-5 (Annual Town financial Report) as prepared by Melanson Heath (auditors). This form, along with others, will be utilized by the NH Department of Revenue to set the tax rate for 2009. Selectmen needed to sign on page 18 all selectmen signed.

Resident Present: Mrs. LaVanture came to speak with the selectmen regarding what is going to happen because of the quarter acre of land that was disturbed by taking dirt off the piece of land. There was a discussion with Mrs. LaVanture and the Selectmen.. Mark Paquette feels that the LaVanutres should not get a penalty regarding the quarter acre, Cheryl Labadie feels the same. The LaVantures misread what they could do their land. They felt that they were doing no wrong. Also they said that they would fix the road if any damage was done. They wanted to tell the Selectmen that they made a mistake and they were not going forward with their plans. They just want to go back to normal.

The Energy Committee stopped in at the meeting to check in with the selectmen as what was going on and checking when the repairs will be repaired. Discussion about the Fire Department and what could be done.

There was also a discussion about the door in the meeting room. It needs to be repaired, it is leaking on wood floor. The Selectmen discussed if it was feasible to hire someone to come once every six weeks to work on items that need attention on all the Town’s Buildings.

Per the order of the Fire chief Neil "Al" Henry the outside lights at the Town Hall need to remain on Neil "Al" Henry is the representative for Department of Labor.

Neil "Al" Henry told the selectmen that he got a grant to buy 25 portable radios and 8 stationary units. The selectmen signed the necessary papers.

There was a discussion about the town barn having no TV or internet to check on storms. Neil "Al" Henry will check into this.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi Bobeen