Minutes of October 25, 2010



OCTOBER 25, 2010

Chairman: Cheryl Labadie

Selectmen: Mark Paquette and Robert Thayer

A. Call to Order

B. Citizen’s Hour

C. Approval of Minutes – October 4, 2010&October 11 & October 18, 2010

D. Appointments – None.

E. Selectmen’s Business

1. Approval of Payroll and Vendor Manifests (Motion required)

2. P. O. signatures on all over $350.00

3. Al Henry to sign P. O. for furnace work at Fire Dept., also Selectmen to sign

4. Additional Avatar additional costs for 2011; please initial that you have read

5. Southwest Community Service and Monadnock Family Service requests for 2011 budget – motion required to include or exclude

6. Monadnock United Way request for contributions ($100.00, I suggest)


F. Other Business - Town Department Reports

1. Ann Sweet to discuss Eric White’s concerns that construction process have

risen and that the grant money may not be sufficient to cover the project.

Contingency funds may be required at Town Meeting.

G. Non-public Session

H. Adjournment