Minutes of October 4, 2010



OCTOBER 4, 2010

7:30 PM

Chairman: Cheryl Labadie; Selectman Mark Paquette; and, Selectmen Robert Thayer Department Heads Present: Road Agent: Randy Smith

A. Call to order - The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

B. Approval of vendor manifests and payroll – October 4, 2010: Motion was made by Chairman Labadie to approve the vendor and payroll manifests of October 4, 2010, seconded by Selectman Paquette and the motion passed unanimously.

C. Approval of Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2010: Motion was made by Chairman Labadie to approve the September 20, 2010 minutes as written, seconded by Selectman Paquette and the motion passed.

D. Selectmen’s Business

1. Purchase orders – signatures required: The Selectman signed those purchase

orders that were in excess of $350.00.

2. Review of annual financial statements prepared by auditors: The Selectmen

reviewed the financial reports.

3. MS – 1 Inventory of Valuation: The Selectmen voted to accept the Inventory

of Valuation as written by the auditors. Motion was made by Selectman

Labadie, seconded by Selectman Paquette and the motion passed unanimously

4. Keith Martin property: Map 5/Lot 1 – Mr. Martin has filed an abatement

request, however, the request was filed long after the deadline for accepting

abatements had passed. Mr. Martin felt that the assessed value on his property

should be reduced because he had an appraisal performed and it came back

with a value of less than what Avitar had arrived at. The Selectmen had asked

Avitar to revisit the property to see if the value was appropriate. Avitar did

revisit and found that the original assessment stood. As a result of this advice,

Chairman Labadie made a motion to deny the abatement request at this time,

seconded by Selectman Paquette, and the motion passed unanimously.

5. Seminar: Surviving a Dept. of Labor Wage&Hour Audit: , Jody wants to

attend this seminar. The Board agreed that she could

6. State matching funds under Disaster FEMA 2009 - Jody recently filed the

claims under the FEMA Disaster and as a result the Town of Sullivan has

been awarded an additional $4,997.31.

7. The Department of Revenue Administration’s most recent report of our current

use files as reported by Jim Gibney is very good. He is pleased with the work

that has been performed and has filed this information with the Department.

8. NH Assn. of Septic System Professionals Newsletter - NH Association of

Septic Systems Professional Newsletter – Selectman Labadie stated that she

would like to keep that in the Town Offices so that at people’s leisure they can

come in and read it. How does that sound? We will have it put in our back


F. Other Business – None Scheduled.

G. Non-public Session – No Action Taken.

H. Motion to Adjourn – A motion was made by Chairman Labadie to adjourn the public

meeting at 8:00 PM, seconded by Selectman Thayer and the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody McDermott

Administrative Assistant