Minutes of September 13, 2010

Selectmen Present:  Cheryl Labadie, Chairman, and Robert Thayer, Selectman. Selectman Paquette arrived at 7:45PM.
Department Heads Present:  Randy Smith, Highway Department.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

B.  Approval of vendor manifests  and payroll – September 7 and September 13, 2010

Motion was made by Chairman Labadie to approve both the payroll and vendor manifests for the September 7th and September 13th manifests, seconded by Selectman Thayer and the motion passed.

C.  Approval of Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes – August 2, 2010

Motion was made by Selectman Mark Paquette to approve the minutes as written, seconded by Chairman Labadie and the motion passed unanimously.

D.  Selectmen’s Business

    1.  Purchase orders – the Selectmen signed those purchase orders that are over     $350.00.

    2.  Review of annual financial statements prepared by auditors (comments      required) – No action taken.

    3.  MS – 1 Inventory of Valuation – The MS-1 was signed by Chairman Labadie,
    and both Selectmen Thayer and Paquette.

    4.  Mitigation Planning Session – one or more of the Selectmen may attend.

    5.  Review of Planning Board Minutes for 8/4/2010 – Both Chairman Labadie and     Selectman Thayer read the minutes of the Planning Board.

    6.  DES – Solid Waste Management Districts – The Board asked Jody to prepare     and return.

    7.  A: Request for appropriation in 2011 budget:  Court Appointed Special     Advocates (CASA) has requested an appropriation of $500.00.  Chairman     Labadie moved to not include this request in the 2011 budget appropriations,     seconded by Selectman Thayer and the motion passed.
          B:  Request for appropriation in 2011 budget:  Monadnock Region Advocacy     Center has requested either $1,000.00 or $500.00 in funds.  After discussion     Chairman Labadie, and Selectmen Paquette and Thayer agreed that $250.00     would be more appropriate.  Motion was made by Chairman Labadie to     appropriate $250.00 toward this fund out of the 2011 budget, seconded by     Selectman Thayer and the motion passed unanimously.

    8.  Executive Council Meeting Minutes – the Selectmen reviewed.

    9.  A: Other Business – Selectman Paquette asked the other members of the Board     if they knew whether the Croteau’s had removed the trailer and other as sundry     items from their property as they had promised in a former Selectmen’s meeting.      Chair Labadie indicated that Mrs. Croteau had called her and asked for an     extension to the deadline of August 31, 2010 because the fellow who had     purchased the trailer had truck problems and was unable to remove the trailer as     promised.  Chairman Labadie asked the Croteau’s to notify the Board as soon as     the  trailer had been removed.

Ralph Jernberg came to the meeting unexpectedly and introduced himself as the Site Coordinator of the NES Access Program.  He said that they are trying to let people know about the ACESS program.   There will be a meeting at the Library on to advocate for the ACCESS program.

They have obtained a five year grant to run this program for kids K -6th grade.  They are in the start of the 4th year of the 5 year grant which allowed for full funding for the first three years.  The fourth year they grant calls for a 25% cut and in the 5th year a further 10% cut in revenue to run the program, then the grant money is expended.  The grant may be applied for again, but in it’s second course funds at a rate of 60%, if you get the grant.  Mr. Jernberg asked the Selectmen if they knew of any fundraising ideas to sustain the program. They do not wish to request an appropriation against the 2011 budget.  Mr. Jernberg described the programs in detail and discussed the need for this program. A brochure was passed out to the Selectmen that described the program(s) in detail.  Other ideas that came from the Selectmen in Gilsum is that they have land that has been taken over by tax deed and the possibly selling this land and giving the profits to the ACCESS program.  Other ideas that have been discussed are asking a person who is indebted to a town for back taxes make a donation to the ACCESS Program in lieu of tax repayment.

Road Agent Smith offered that the Conservation Commission might be in a position to donate funds, if appropriate.

Chairman Labadie offered the Town Hall as a meeting place for the ACCESS Program and will pick up extra brochures for the Town Hall to assist in letting people know about the Program.

Highway Department Updates: Randy Smith
Randy informed the Board of recent issues within the Highway Department.  He is beginning to have sand delivered for the upcoming Winter season and had some sand left over from last year.  The dump  truck was recently worked on and is ready for the upcoming season as well.  Randy hopes to hot top near Frank Philbrick’s before it gets too cold.

Randy questioned when the cable company would be coming to install cable to all the Town buildings.  Chair Labadie is meeting with them tomorrow morning to review the buildings and plan for installation.

Randy feels that it is good sense to have cable in the event of an emergency situation so that he can monitor the accessibility and conditions of roads in Sullivan that are maintained by the State of NH. 

E.  Motion to adjourn

Motion was made by Selectman Mark Paquette to adjourn the public meeting at 8:09 PM, seconded by Selectman Robert Thayer and the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody McDermott
Administrative Assistant