Minutes of September 17, 2018

Town of Sullivan, NH 
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes, September 17, 2018
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Laura Merrifield, Jeff Burbank and Marsha Cook 

Department Heads/Officers: 

Staff: Kate Fuller, Administrative Assistant

Public: Mike Faulkner Septic Designer

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Laura Merrifield called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2018 meeting, seconded by Marsha Cook. The minutes were unanimously approved as amended. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2018 non-public meeting, seconded by Marsha Cook. The minutes were unanimously approved. 


Mike Faulkner Septic Designer-plan for 34 Connor Drive Map 6 Lot 40 Sub 2-Mr. Faulkner presented a replacement plan for this property. The owner is currently approved for a three bedroom system and this plan includes an additional two bedrooms. The septic system is not required to be replaced until the failure of the existing system under RSA Env-Wq 1004.21. Signed by the Board. 
MS-535 and MS-434 for signature-The MS-535 Auditor’s report was signed by the Board. The MS-434 will appear on next week's agenda owing to outstanding questions for the Town Clerk/Tax Collector. 

Notice of Intent to Cut 447 Gilsum Road 18-433-02-T for signature-The intent was signed by the Board. 

Draft RFP for Fuel for review-The Board reviewed the draft and made edits. The fuel requests for proposal will go out to vendors this week. 

Payroll, Vendor Payments and Purchase Orders-Purchase orders and manifest approved as submitted, there was a question about the bill for Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department and Kate will follow up. 

Miscellaneous/General Discussion
Email from Attorney Gary Kinyon following up on the inspection of 62 Ellis Road, received. 

Email from Road Agent Todd Smith regarding the purchase of additional salt. He is requesting the use of funds from other line items to purchase salt for the coming winter. Transfer between department line items is permitted and the Board approved his request. 

Invitation from Southwest Regional Planning Commission’s Fall Meeting at the Historical Society of Cheshire County. Tuesday, October 5, 2018 at 5:00 PM, received.

Invitation to the Cheshire County ground breaking for Maplewood Nursing Home. Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM; 201 River Road, Westmoreland, NH, received. 

Mary Hull submitted documentation to the Board about an upcoming training for NH City and Town Clerks.

Letter from the NH Department of Safety regarding NH RSA 541-A action regarding re-adoption of the Emergency Medical Service Rules, Saf-C 5900, received. 

Notice of Motion to Dismiss withdrawn on bankruptcy proceedings for 101 Gilsum Road. 

Ballot to vote on officers for the New Hampshire Association of Assessors was received, Laura Merrifield will vote on behalf of the Board. 

Trustees reports for August, received. 

Bench mark trainings for Primex, received.

Kate called the owners of the Post Office building to inquire about the dirt, she left a message. 

Kate reminded the Board that the clean up on 14 Rugg Road should be completed.

Kate let the Board know that an inspection for 267 Centre Street was tentatively scheduled for September 18th. The Board could not accommodate this time so another time will be selected. 

Board of Selectmen-General Discussion
Laura Merrifield expressed concern about the logging on Gilsum Road 17-433-08-T. She is concerned about the placement of logs in the cut out area, how the logging trucks are impacting the culverts, erosion, water runoff and plowing. The Town used to require a map to show the log landing and the access point and may want to consider reinstituting that. 

Jeff Burbank asked if the Town could get access to the State police logs for Sullivan, Kate will follow up. 

Jeff Burbank made a suggestion about putting a mirror on the intersection of Centre St and Valley Road to address the poor visibility. The State may be installing a light there for a detour for the RT 9 road construction; but it is temporary. Jeff will draft a letter to Frank at the DOT to  get any details about installing a mirror. 

Laura Merrifield distributed a draft bid summary to the Board to streamline the bid process. 

Laura Merrifield informed the Board that the budget calendar is being created. 

MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 pm.
SECOND: Jeff Burbank

APPROVED: Unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katherine M. Fuller
Administrative Assistant for the Board of Selectmen