Minutes of September 20, 2010

Selectmen Present:
Department Heads Present: Fire Chief Al Henry and Police Chief Carl Wheeler

A. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

B. Selectmen’s Business
1. Approval of vendor manifests and payroll – September 20, 2010
Chairman Labadie moved to approve the vendor and payroll manifest, seconded by
Selectman Paquette and the motion passed.
2. Approval of Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2010
Chairman Labadie moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Selectman Paquette, and the motion passed.
3. Building Permit – Richard Major 436 South Road, Map 5/Lot 33-1 for a 40’ x 60’ Quonset hut with a dirt floor for storage.
Chairman Labadie and Selectman Paquette approved the building permit as presented, with both of their signatures.

C. Other Business
Al Henry indicated that there have been several complaints with regard to 14 Rugg Road and the fact that there is no passable through way to the other two homes beyond the property at 14 Rugg Road. An issue arose on September 17 where there was a very large campfire. The permit authorized a much smaller fire.
Police Chief Wheeler suggested that a Cease and Desist Order be issued. The Right-Of-Way on Rugg Road is believed to be 16 feet. The Selectmen will ask Jody to write a letter informing the current owner that the vehicles in the roadway must be removed.
There are complaints of persons who are living in three tents and/or a camper that have been located on a parcel of land on Apple Hill Road. These persons are burning campfires, but none of these are the owner; a campfire is illegal without the permission of the land owner.
Fire Chief Henry indicated that the Fire Department roof is a work in progress. There are several shingles on the roof over the meeting room area that are rotten. These shingles go up the roof about two feet on the front end. After the shingles are replaced a three foot ice belt will be installed. Chairman Labadie asked Chief Henry to get a cost estimate for these additional repairs that were not a part of the initial quote. He said that he had already ordered the additional work be done.
The Mitigation Meeting was held last week at the Fire Station. One person showed up and he thought the meeting was for something else. Chief Henry is going to take the ideas he has to the State, he will speak with the Road Agent because he had a list of culverts and more trees he wanted to do. He will also approach the other Department Heads to see if they have any ideas. Some ideas that have been suggested in the past are getting all of our house numbers located at the street for each home. Many homes have numbers, but they are not located in a uniform manner – some are on the house, some on the mailbox, some on the door, etc. Chief Henry asked anyone interested in emailing him to please send emails to his work email address – his personal email has issues.
________ allowed a person to store a truck, filled with a sundry household items. She charged $15.00/month as a storage fee. The fee was paid for one year. At this point, the stuff has been there for three years. _____ called one of the owners relatives informing them that the items would be gotten rid of after September 1st, if no one came to remove them. On September 2nd she sold the truck the items were stored in. Chief Wheeler and a State Trooper informed her that she should contact her lawyer for her legal rights to remove the items, since she had accepted monies for a time.
At this point a gun shot was heard from nearby. It sounded like it came from in front of the policemen. They went to investigate where the gunshot came from and found that a girl is living in a tent on the property and a man is living in the sugar house and further
Down in the field is another inhabitant living in a tent.
______ doesn’t know these people, but she lets anyone live there is they have no place to live. Chief Wheeler feels this is an unsafe situation for _____ since she doesn’t know these people.

D. Adjournment
Motion was made by Chairman Labadie to adjourn the meeting at 8:35PM, seconded by Selectman Paquette and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody McDermott
Administrative Assistant