November 10,2014

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Minutes November
10, 2014

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode and Laura Merrifield

heads present: None

staff: Jessica H. Nichols,

Peg Martin

TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 7:57pm
immediately following a non-public meeting regarding litigation.
Meeting minutes from November 3, 2014 were unanimously approved.



  1. Peg
    Martin, Recreation Committee Chair came before the Board with regard
    to the Town Volunteerism Policy. She will be coming at a later date
    to obtain copies of the Volunteer Service Agreement for the
    committee members to sign, to formally request disbursement of the
    Recreation Committee funds for the Christmas Potluck in December,
    and to speak with the Town Clerk about bulk mailing.

  1. A
    signed New Construction Residential Occupancy/Use Permit was
    acknowledged by the Board for their site visit on November 8 to the
    Brian Brooks property on Centre Street.

  1. The
    Board reported that upon their visit to the Fernandes property on
    Gilsum Road November 8, it was determined that the septic system has
    not been installed nor State inspected. The installation and
    inspection are to be completed by November 12 according to Mrs.
    Fernandes. Mrs. Merrifield has contacted the State DES to confirm
    that this happens.

  1. The
    Board acknowledged a communication from Attorney Robert Upton with
    regard to Fairpoint.

  1. A
    communication from Southwest Region Planning Commission with regard
    to work on a Hazard Mitigation Plan was reviewed by the Board. Mrs.
    Nichols will be contacting Fire Chief Al Henry to discuss when the
    Town last had an update on the Hazard Mitigation Plan, and to obtain
    a copy. SWRPC has previously conducted the update for the Town. A
    letter of commitment will be prepared for the next Board meeting to
    be signed.

  1. Mrs.
    Nichols reported that she has failed to gain contact with Earl
    Creassy at Otterbrook Construction with regard to continued work
    needed on the Town Hall front entrance. Chairman Patnode also
    reported that he has failed to gain contact as well. Mrs. Nichols
    provided the Board some recommendations from Fire Chief Al Henry
    with regard to the newly constructed generator shed operation. Mrs.
    Nichols will contact Mr. Creassy to discuss both projects.

  1. Mrs.
    Merrifield presented the Board a draft Request for Proposal for Town
    Hall Cleaning Services. After review, it was agreed to send out to
    area cleaning companies and to schedule viewings of the Town Hall.

  1. Mrs.
    Nichols reported that she has scheduled a meeting with Henry
    Underwood from SWRPC to review the tax map updates. It was
    determined that another time would need to be rescheduled.

  1. Mrs.
    Nichols presented the Board a typed response of the FY2013 draft
    management letter for the auditors. After review by the Board, they
    intend to sign the financial letter and the formal responses will be
    forwarded to the auditors.

  1. Payroll,
    vendor payments and purchase orders were approved.

discussion ensued. Mrs. Nichols reported that she sent out memos to
department heads and committee chairs with regard to the upcoming
2015 budget cycle. She regretted to report that she has not received
an update from the Town Health Officer with regard to open issues as
requested. Planning Board meeting minutes from October 1 were
acknowledged. An amended septic system plan was acknowledged for
Mark Smith’s property on Boynton Road signed and stamped by the
Board on November 8. Mrs. Merrifield reported that she has been
trying to locate any documents within Town Hall relating to energy
usage and heat zoning. She will present any information to the Board
at a later time. Chairman Patnode reported that he has contacted the
Sheriff’s Department with regard to storing old Sullivan Police
records and uniforms. He also reported that he has been
renegotiating propane pricing for the Town Hall.

prior to the regular meeting, Chairman Patnode moved to enter into a
non-public meeting for the purposes of discussing litigation. The
non-public meeting adjourned at 7:56pm, and it was unanimously voted
to seal the minutes.


Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:28pm

SECOND: Laura Merrifield
seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously


H. Nichols