November 2, 2015

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Town of
Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2015

Sullivan Town

Board members
present: Gary Patnode, Laura Merrifield, Joseph

Heads/Officers: None

Public: Agnes
Marks, Paul Leclerc

Staff: Kate
Fuller, Administrative Assistant

Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Laura Merrifield
made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 19, 2015, meeting seconded
by Joe Lewandowski. The minutes were unanimously approved. Laura Merrifield made
a motion to approve the minutes of the October 19, 2015, 5:00 pm non-public
meeting seconded by Laura Merrifield. Gary Patnode made a motion to approve the
minutes of the October 19, 2015, 8:40 pm non-public meeting seconded by Laura
Merrifield. The non-public minutes were unanimously approved.



Agnes Marks-Request to use Town Hall- Ms. Marks would like to rent space
for a yoga class on Thursday evening. After discussion it was
decided she would pursue other opportunities at the library or

Paul Leclerc
request an extension
for building
- Mr. Leclerc requested an extension on a building permit for 143
Apple Hill Road. His extension request was granted and is in effect until June
1, 2016. He was approved with the codicil that his permit is under the Occupancy
permit policy that was implemented after his original permit was approved.

Planning Board Transportation Study
-Leslie Casey,
Chairman of the Planning Board, informed the Selectmen of the opportunity for a
Truck Traffic Study to be conducted by SWRPC. There is a feeling that Sullivan
Centre Road could benefit from more State attention and one of the goals of the
study could be for the State to enhance their repaving plans slated for 2017.
There would be two strips placed on the road that tracks axel distance and would
provide information on truck size and frequency. She is trying to find a good
time for this week long study as it cannot be conducted when the plows are in
use. Possible places to locate sensors are where Valley Road intersects with
Sullivan Centre Road and at the Sullivan/Keene town line. Leslie will confirm
that there is no cost to the town.

Appointments-Dorothy Miles
was approved as a member of the Planning Board and Peter Miles was approved as
an alternate member.

Kate Thorndike-
Kate Thorndike,
Overseer of the Poor requested compensation for processing an application for
assistance. Her request was approved for 5 hours at her pay rate. She also wants
to attend the upcoming NHMA conference for training at the cost of $90. This was
approved by the board.

from Avitar
contacted the town about the Equalization Ratio Study. They listed seven sales
over the last year. The Board reviewed them and found that six were good for
using toward the ratio study. Avitar will be notified. The DRA required document
was signed by the board and will be sent to the DRA.

Follow Up/Town
Hall Furnace
- Chairman
Patnode followed up with Bergeron so we could have comparable quote; the result
was an amended quote for a Two Stage Furnace that would meet the needs of
efficiency of the energy audit. The cost of the new furnace is $4050 and a 50%
deposit is required. Gary will contact Bergeron to set up the installation to be
scheduled preferably on a Friday. Laura Merrifield made a motion to accept the
bid and Gary Patnode seconded. Motion unanimously approved.

financial reports and journal entries
- The Board will acknowledge receipt of
the financial reports that are generated each month. They will also acknowledge
the adjusted journal entries. The Board acknowledged the reports for June, July,
August and September and will complete this task monthly.

Payroll, Vendor
Payments and Purchase Orders –
Approved as

-A thank you
note was sent to Butch Davis of Phil’s Tree Service who raised a new flag pole
rope at no cost to the town. Thanks were also sent to Steven Parker who brought
the fallen flags in from the elements. Two employee pay rate sheets were signed.
One for Katherine Fuller and one for Laura Merrifield who will be primarily
responsible for the budget process and the town report creation. NE Fleet
service donated $200 in inspections to the Town and a thank you note will be
sent. Information relative to two tax abatement issues with PSNH and Fairpoint
were discussed. The Town of Sullivan received notice that the Town of
Fitzwilliam is having a hearing to discuss installing a multi-user Wireless
Communication Facility, this has been passed along to the Planning Board. On
behalf of the Board of Selectmen, Joe is attending the Hazard Mitigation
meetings and will share information as the process evolves.

  1. NON-PUBLIC: for
    the purposes of litigation immediately following.


Gary Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM

SECOND: Laura Merrifield seconded the

APPROVED: Unanimously approved


Katherine M.

Assistant for the Board of Selectmen