November 24, 2014

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Minutes November 24, 2014

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode and Laura Merrifield

heads present: Randy Smith, Road Agent

staff: Jessica Nichols, Administrative Assistant


TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 7:20
PM. Meeting minutes from November 17, 2014 were unanimously

    HEADS: see below


  1. Randy
    Smith, Road Agent was present to discuss the installation of a
    snowmobile bridge on the Price Road which is in direct alignment
    with the Town’s bridge. Both the Road Agent and the Conservation
    Commission had expressed concern because the bridge has the
    potential to damage the Town’s bridge and cause flooding of Price
    Road in the event of a moderate flooding event. It was determined
    the Selectmen would contact the Department of Environmental Services
    to seek their guidance and recommendation in proceeding with a

  1. As
    discussed and reviewed at previous meetings, the draft management
    letter from Melanson Heath was signed. The response letter, as
    prepared by the Administrative Assistant, was approved and will be
    forwarded to the auditors.

  1. An
    intent to cut, submitted by Randall and Sheila Smith, for 169 Ferry
    Brook Road was signed. Copies will be sent to the Conversation
    Commission, the DRA and the landowner.

  1. A
    timber tax warrant, prepared by the Administrative Assistant, for
    Jonathan Ginsberg’s property on Connor drive was signed. Copies
    will be sent to the Tax Collector and DRA.

  1. A
    communication from Avitar regarding the DRA Sales to Assessment
    Ratio was reviewed. Mrs. Merrifield to contact Avitar as the
    information was incomplete (no report of the sales). In conjunction
    with this communication, the Board reviewed the request of the DRA
    for the completion of the Equalization Study for 2014. Both items
    will be held over until the next meeting.

  1. The
    Board acknowledged a communication from the Town’s Attorney
    relative to the Kathleen and Roland Fernandes septic installation.
    The Fernandes’ were able to install the septic and receive
    approval from the State by the deadline. The case is now closed.

  1. Mrs.
    Merrifield reported Southwest Regional Planning Commission completed
    the update of the tax maps. The update includes all sub-divisions,
    mergers, boundary line adjustments, acreage changes and other
    mapping issues since 2007.

  1. Payroll,
    vendor payments, and purchase orders were reviewed and approved.

discussion ensued. Mrs. Nichols presented an email from Eric White,
Chairman of the Conservation Commission, requesting the installation
of signage at each end of the Old Stoddard Road (Winch Town forest).
The signage would restrict unauthorized motorized wheeled use in
conformance with the policy established by the Trustees of Trust
Funds in 2000. The Board concurred. The Board discussed an email
requesting staff assistance in copying the draft Master Plan for the
December 3
meeting. Mrs. Merrifield will contact Mrs. Sweet to determine if
other arrangements for that copying as well as the copying of the
adopted Master Plan can be made. Mrs. Nichols inquired of the
location of the 2014 911 maps that Susan Merritt had delivered
earlier in the year. The maps were distributed to the Fire chief and
the Sheriff’s department. Mrs. Nichols reminded the Board of the
need to further investigate the thermostat in the old Police
Department. Mr. Patnode will devise a test over the weekend and
report back. Mr. Patnode stated he had moved all of the files from
the general office area in the Police Department to a locked office.
Mrs. Merrifield noted a discovery that Fairpoint had not implemented
cost savings measures on all Town phone lines dating back to January
2014. She has communicated with Fairpoint who have implemented the
changes and are working on retroactive credit. Preparation for the
upcoming Selectmen/Department budget meetings was discussed. Mrs.
Merrifield will take minutes/notes at those meetings. Mrs. Nichols
submitted a letter of resignation effective November 26
After discussion, it was agreed she would be able to do payroll,
payables and make a variety of journal entries through the end of the
year. Mrs. Merrifield will be contacting Municipal Resources Inc to
see if they can help the Town transition and also provide a
recommendation on how the Selectmen should proceed.

held previously

BUSINESS: update the “ old business” agenda

Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 PM

SECOND: Laura Merrifield
seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously



Board of Selectmen