OCTOBER 21, 2013

of Sullivan, NH. Board of Selectmen

21, 2013 – 6:30 PM

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Mark Paquette, Laura Merrifield

heads present: Randy Smith

present: Eric White, Ann McBride, Roger Sweet, Ann Sweet, Al Jones,
Earl Creasey (Otterbrook Construction), Administrative Assistant
Karen Luebkeman

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

Laura Merrifield made a motion to accept the October 7
2013 meeting minutes as corrected.

Patnode seconded the motion.

APPROVED: Unanimously


White, Chairman of the Sullivan Conservation Commission requested the
Board of Selectmen entertain a motion relative to the conservation
easement on properties of Henry Brooks and Henry Brooks/Linda Brown
that was the subject of the 6:00 PM public hearing preceding the
Selectmen’s meeting. He and Ann McBride indicated it was necessary
for the Selectmen to decide which form of legal interest the Town
would retain. The choices are either (1) executory interest or (2)
third-party right of enforcement, both of which were explained in the
public hearing. It was noted that the final language of the
conservation easement would likely not be ready for 6 weeks.

Merrifield made a motion, seconded by Mr. Patnode, to proceed with
the conservation easement with the third-party right of enforcement,
pending review of the final easement language by the Selectmen.
Unanimously approved.

Sweet inquired about a driveway placement on Sullivan Center Road
that did not
a town driveway permit. Randy Smith interjected that he would be
updating the Selectmen later in the meeting.

Jones, 62 Ellis Road, stated he was in receipt of a petition for
injunctive relief as it relates to his junk yard. He wanted to know
why he was served with the documents since it was his understanding
that he had at least another year to clean up the site. Chairman
Patnode explained that because there had not been any significant
improvement at the site since August 2012 the Selectmen proceeded
with a more formal action (in this case and others). It was noted
that Mr. Jones did meet with the Selectmen in August 2012 following
an original attempt in August 2011 to resolve the junk yard issue.

Jones stated that he very recently had conversation with a person who
may be able to help him disassemble one of the manufactured homes on
site and a Mr. Hillock from Keene has been discussing the possibility
of scrapping the automobiles. No formal arrangement has been
decided. Mr. Jones requested the town withdraw the petition because
he would not be available to respond to the December 9
summons, would have to hire legal representation and was making
progress on the clean-up. Discussion ensued and it was suggested
that Mr. Jones contact the court to advise them of his unavailability
and request an extension so he could represent himself. It was also
decided that it would not serve the Town’s best interest to
withdraw the action but it would be advantageous for Mr. Jones to
present his plan to the court so that a more formal agreement is on
file. Mr. Jones also said he was concerned about the Town’s
request for legal fees. It was explained that this was only a
request and would be decided in the court and that quite possibly,
Mr. Jones would not be assessed those fees if a good faith effort was
made to resolve the junk yard issue.

Creasey of Otterbrook Construction delivered some quotes for work
required by the Department of Labor inspection. One quote, for $350,
is to install ¼ inch tempered glass between the public and the Tax
Collector/Clerk’s office and another, for $175, to install a grille
on the door from the large meeting room to the same office. The
Administrative Assistant will ask Denise McFarland (as the Joint Loss
Management Chair) to determine if these corrective measures meet the
Labor Board’s requirements.


Smith reported he has talked with DOT and that it appears the Form 4
will not have to be completed and the DOT can conduct the rating of
the new Ferry Brook Bridge with the information they already have on

reported that he had received a driveway application on land of Ed
Csenge on Sullivan Center Road. Apparently, in January 2013, Mr.
Csenge applied for a residential driveway through the State and it
was granted with the provision that he relocate his non-conforming
commercial driveway. This is the reason that the Town received a
notice in February 2013 from the State relating to two driveways.
Unfortunately the notice was misfiled and only coming to light now.

driveway permits are under the purview of the Planning Board, it was
requested Mr. Csenge’s application be referred to their November
meeting. It was also suggested that it be determined if the
residential lot was a separate parcel since it was the consensus of
those present that two driveways on one lot was not permitted. Randy
was going to touch base with Mr. Csenge and suggest he attend the
Planning Board meeting to help answer any questions or concerns
relating to the application.

mentioned it was necessary to have the radios in the trucks checked
because transmissions between Randy and Paul were weak while other
Towns could hear them plainly.

sought approval to proceed with the purchase of a 2004 International
Dump Truck with plow through an equipment dealer in Claremont NH.
The truck was used by the Town of Reading VT and has 144,000 miles on
it. Randy and Paul did view the truck and found it to be well cared
for though the sander is not useable. The price is $31,800 and there
are sufficient funds in the capital reserve to purchase the plow
truck. An additional $8,000 would be used to purchase a sander.
Randy indicated the current plow truck is a 1989 with 127,000 miles
on it but it is in danger of breaking down. He did say some parts
(like the plow) on the current equipment are interchangeable to the
new equipment. The selectmen authorized Randy to proceed with the
purchase of both pieces of equipment.


business included approval of payroll and vendor payments and the
review of invoices.

following issues were reviewed/discussed:

submitted a contract for the 2014 Town-wide assessment. This item
was tabled pending response from the Department of Revenue
Administration as it is required the DRA review the contract prior to
signature by the Selectmen.

State approval of the septic design for the Donnelly property was

from Walter Goodnow relating to Route 9 proposed changes was accepted
as informational.

timber tax warrants were signed.

raffle request from the Friends of the Sullivan Library was approved.

Orders were signed.

Board signed the equalization certification as required by the
Department of Revenue Administration.

Cheshire County Treasurer bill was presented.

auditor questionnaire for 2012 was completed by the Administrative

Dunton notified the Selectmen that the downstairs bathroom hot water
faucet was leaking so it was turned off.

Luebkeman advised of correspondence from Upton and Hatfield regarding
Fairpoint had been received. No action was required.

application for a Veteran’s Tax Credit was reviewed and denied
since the undeveloped land is not the owner’s residence.

McFarland submitted her written response to the Department of Labor
relative to the August 13, 2013, inspection.

Luebkeman provided a copy of the auditor’s (Melanson and Heath)
management letter for the fiscal year ended December 21, 2012.
Following discussion it was determined it would be beneficial to
invite the auditors to a Selectmen’s meeting.

Merrifield reported that the Selectmen will be meeting with the
Nelson Selectmen on Wednesday, October 23
to discuss police coverage.

up on Mary Hull’s communication relating to the Overseer of the
Poor, Mrs. Merrifield had spoken with Mr. Dunton who is unable to
attend a Monday evening meeting but could meet earlier in the day.
Mrs. Merrifield will be working on outlining responsibilities and
researching the Town’s guidelines for administration. The Board
agreed that some guidance on processing requests for assistance would
be beneficial.


Luebkeman informed the Board that due to a family medical situation
her availability to work will be limited and sporadic possibly for
several months. While she will be able to assist in the budget
process, payroll, paying bills, it is doubtful she will be available
to staff the office, conduct daily duties, attend Board meetings,
prepare agendas and minutes, etc. She has graciously agreed to do
some budget work (offsite) and will continue to prepare payroll and
vendor payments (on site) as her schedule allows or is more
definitively known or until another plan is in place.


Patnode moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 PM.

Paquette seconded the motion.

APPROVED: Unanimously



Sullivan Board of Selectmen