September 12, 2011

Town of Sullivan, N.H. Board of Selectmen

September 12, 2011 – 7:30 PM

Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present:

Richard Hotchkiss, Chair. Bob Thayer, Mark Paquette

Department heads present:

Al Henry, Randy Smith

Also, present:

Chris Pratt, Library Trustee, Karen Luebkeman, Administrative Assistant

A. CALL TO ORDER: Rick Hotchkiss opened the meeting at 7:30pm.


Chris Pratt, Library Trustee advised that the Friends of the Library wanted to provide funding for an energy project upgrade on the Library and identified replacing the windows as their goal, which would involve replacing wood sashes, reglazing, painting and the replacement of 8 windows. A previous estimate done by Eric White had approximated this project at $3,300.00. Would the Town of Sullivan agree to provide matching funds?

Chris asked if the Town would be responsible for hiring the contractors, but Chair R. Hotchkiss decided that he would like Chris to handle this responsibility, adding that hiring local contractors was preferable, however if we went with the original window recommendation (Harvey) we would probably be working with an approved Harvey installer for that portion of the work.

MOTION: Bob Thayer moved to approve the matching funds.

SECOND: Rick Hotchkiss and Mark Paquette seconded.

Chris Pratt inquired when the library might be painted. A discussion regarding what portion of the library was still painted with lead paint and the methods necessary for that type of paint removal ensued. It was determined that the front of the building was okay at this point in time, but that the sides were in need of work. Apparently the new section was stained and this is not in good condition and needs to be redone as well.

Bob Thayer inquired into the status of the wood furnace project for the Highway Department building. Rick Hotchkiss advised that we had one bid in hand and that we were waiting on another. In addition, because we are working with grant money it involves many regulations that smaller businesses probably are not willing/able to comply with, which is probably impacting the number of bids we are getting.

Rick Hotchkiss mentioned to Randy Smith that overtime previously not addressed in paychecks had been corrected.

Randy and Al discussed what Mutual Aid needed in order to program Town radios for the narrow band frequency.

Randy advised that mowing had been completed on Town roads and that it required some additional time this year over last year’s labor.

Randy suggested that we may want to look over our Snow Policy as the State of New Hampshire has revised theirs and it may impact our situation. Randy will get a copy of the State’s policy and also suggested that we might want to re-evaluate our current plowing routes to make them more cost effective. Rick Hotchkiss reminded that we want to make sure we are servicing the community to our best ability.

Rick asked Randy for a list of names of those whose driveways need to address as it relates to culverts, aprons, etc. The Selectmen will send a letter requesting necessary work to be competed by homeowner.


1. Payroll and Vendor Manifest



Meeting was adjourned by agreement at 8:45 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen B. Luebkeman,

Administrative Assistant, Town of Sullivan