September 2, 2014

Town of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes September 2, 2014
Sullivan Town Hall

Board members present: Gary Patnode, Laura Merrifield, Mark Paquette

Department heads present: None

Other staff: Jessica Nichols, Administrative Assistant

Public: Jeffrey Brooks, Elsie Lavanture, Sharon Monahan

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30PM. Meeting minutes from August 18, 2014 were unanimously approved.

    DEPARTMENT HEADS: see below


    Jeffrey Brooks came before the Board with questions in regard to building a garage on his 358 South Road property. He estimates the building will be over 700 square feet in size, and was directed to fill out a building permit.

Mr. Brooks also had questions in regard to 7 Tyler Lane. He is contemplating removing the house to lessen the tax burden. The Board discussed Current Use with him and it was suggested he consult his personal attorney to better understand the financial benefits of either adding the land to current use or keeping a small portion (well and septic sites) out of Current Use.

    Sharon Monahan from Site Succor Design, LLC presented a completed septic system application and pre-approval form for the undeveloped lot on Valley Road Map 6 Lot 9-1 owned by Patricia and Leo Campbell. The Board reviewed, signed and stamped the map copies. The septic system application will be filed in the property record file.

    Elsie Lavanture came before the Board with a mortgage discharge document prepared by her lawyer relating to 125 Corey Mine Road property. Chairman Patnode signed the document. Mrs. Lavanture was directed to pick up the document the next day. A copy will be filed in the property record file.

    The Board reviewed a proposed culvert inventory project proposed by Southwest Regional Planning Commission. Since the Town already has an inventory, the Board declined to accept the offer. Mrs. Nichols will forward the response to the Southwest Regional Planning Commission.

    The Board acknowledged a communication from Town Attorney Maria Gavin regarding the Jones case and a structuring order. Mrs. Merrifield will be contacting Attorney Gavin for clarification.

    The Board noted the Fernandes hearing scheduled for September 9, 2014 and scheduled a site visit for September 6, 2014 to determine if a septic system has been installed, as requested by Attorney Gavin.

    Mrs. Nichols presented the Board communications from the DRA, Avitar, and the University of New Hampshire Technology Transfer Center with regard to Mosaic parcel maps data. Mrs. Merrifield explained this is a state-wide mass mapping project and the Town’s data can be transmitted from Avitar after the issuance of the final 2014 tax bill.

    The Board acknowledged a communication from Avitar with regard to findings from their field review in Town. While some issues have already been corrected, the remaining needs to have a course of action. Mrs. Merrifield will be following-up on those remaining.

    A raffle permit from the Friends of the Library for a fundraiser was signed by the Board. Mrs. Nichols will forward the signed document.

    A communication from the State of New Hampshire Department of Safety with regard to primary 911 dispatch agency confirmation was signed by Chairman Patnode. Mrs. Nichols will forward the signed document.

    The Board reviewed 2012 and 2013 cyclical monitoring reports from the DRA.

    Mrs. Nichols, by way of Mary Hull, Town Clerk/ Tax Collector, reminded the Board they must be present at the State Primary Elections September 9, 2014 at Town Hall. The Board agreed on scheduled times they would be present.

    Mrs. Nichols provided an update to the Board on Otterbrook Construction’s work at Town Hall. Mr. Creassy started work on the front door August 28. He understands the work must be completed by prior to September 9 to ensure handicapped accessibility. He believes the main entrance step repair is more complicated than first thought and it may need to be replaced with a pre-fabricated step.

    Mrs. Nichols provided an update to the Board relating to IT work at Town Hall. Allan and Aaron Treadwell from Twin Bridge Services are scheduled to perform work starting September 3.

    A communication from the Sheriff’s Department with regard to use of a gun locker in the former Sullivan Police Department was reviewed by the Board. Chairman Patnode will be contacting them to discuss further.

    Payroll, vendor payments, and purchase orders were reviewed and approved.


General discussion ensued. Mrs. Nichols discussed needed clarification on a back-up to the Treasurer during an absence. She presented the Board a quote from Royal Green Landscaping with regard to bush trimming at Town Hall. The Board approved the work to be done. She will be contacting Royal Green to schedule the work. She updated the Board on driveway aprons installed as scheduled and is working with the Treasurer in retrieving escrow funds for payment. She inquired with the Board as to who assigns street numbers in Town, and was referred to the Road Agent and Fire Chief. She, lastly, presented the Board a budget versus expense report for their review. Mrs. Merrifield presented the Board a proposed wage, salary, benefits, and general information survey to be disbursed to other towns of comparable size for the salary survey. Chairman Patnode and Mr. Paquette will review for the next meeting.


E. ADJOURNMENT: MOTION: Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:25pm

SECOND: Gary Patnode seconded the motion

APPROVED: Unanimously approved

Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica Nichols

Administrative Assistant to the Board of the Selectmen