September 6, 2016

of Sullivan, NH Board of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes, September 6, 2016

Town Hall

members present: Chairman Laura J. Merrifield, Joe Lewandowski and
David Beers

Heads/Officers: Randy Smith

Kate Fuller, Administrative Assistant

Mary Hull

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Laura Merrifield called the meeting to order at

    6:30 pm. Laura Merrifield
    made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 22, 2016 meeting,
    seconded by Dave Beers. The minutes were unanimously approved with
    amendments. Laura Merrifield made a motion to approve the minutes of
    the August 22, 2016 Non-public meeting, seconded by Dave Beers.
    Unanimously approved.

    COMMENT-No comments.


  1. Road
    Agent-Randall Smith-Purchase orders and Town Garage Expansion
    presented an explanation of the quotes for several large
    expenditures, some from regular operating expenses and some from the
    Special Projects account. Purchase orders were approved and one was
    voided at Randy’s request. There was discussion around the Town
    Garage expansion for the new plow truck and how this would progress;
    a pad would be the first step. Randy also brought to the attention
    of the Board that the Department of Transportation wants the Town to
    work on two drains on Centre Street. Apparently, Town drains are
    connected to the state drains and are inhibiting drainage flow. The
    DOT will be contacting the Board for a resolution. The Town might
    have to expend funds to remedy this situation.

  1. Tax
    Collector-Mary Hull-Tax Deeding
    Mary came to update the Selectmen regarding a property that is still
    eligible for Tax Deeding at 101 Gilsum Road. The Board granted a
    Deed Waiver.

  1. MS-1-
    Signed by Board. Laura Merrifield mentioned that the MS-434,
    Estimated Revenues, was completed for 2016. It only required the
    signature of the preparer.

  1. James
    Forrest-267 Centre Street M 3 Lot 108
    deadline for the clean-up of this property to meet the conditions of
    the special exceptions was August 31, 2016. The Selectmen will talk
    to the Planning Board Chair Leslie Casey about visiting this

  1. Primary
    Schedule for Selectmen for September 13, 2016
    Joe will cover 8am to 12pm and Laura will cover 12pm to 7pm.

  1. Primex
    CAP Contribution Assurance Program for 2017-2019 Property and
    Liability Program
    - Laura
    made a motion to adopt this resolution, seconded by Joe with a vote
    in the affirmative. This resolution locks in premiums with a
    percentage limit, allowing better budget consistency and
    predictability. Laura Merrifield was instructed by the Board to sign
    this resolution.

  1. NHMA
    Voting Delegate Card
    Proposed pieces of legislation were distributed for review.

  1. Acknowledgement
    of Financial Reports and Adjusting Journal Entries-July
    Acknowledged by Board.

  1. Draft
    of Financial Report and Governance Letter from Plodzik and
    -The Board reviewed
    the draft and made comments that will be forwarded to the auditors.
    The Selectmen will follow up on the recommendations.

Board of Selectmen Meeting
Minutes 9-12-16 page 2

  1. Payroll,
    Vendor Payments and Purchase Orders
    Approved as submitted.

  1. Miscellaneous/General
    -A plumber from
    Keating Plumbing and Heating fixed both sinks and toilets. Primex is
    holding a Conflict Resolution workshop 9/21/16 10-1pm, Concord.

is hosting a workshop around managing public meetings 9/22 10-3pm,
Concord. Volunteers for Ashuelot River clean up 9/23-24 9am. NHMA
Budget workshop 9/20 or 27 9am to 4:30pm Manchester. Invitation to
the United Way Kickoff 9/15 5pm at the Keene Country Club. Request
for funding from CASA. Invitation to Keene Gas Customer Appreciation
9/15 4-6pm. SWRPC highlights received. DeAngelis driveway ready for
inspection. DOT Highway Block Grants 2017 received. Financial reports
for Trustees received. Eversource meeting notice will be passed to
Kate Thorndike. A suggestion was made that the Town diesel pumps
should have a log to track use it would include the
date/gallons/vehicle/department/user. There will be a Harassment
Training for the Sullivan employees at the recommendation of our
insurance company on Wednesday, September 28
from 2-4pm. Kate met with Labor Board Inspector Perry to review our
Health and Safety plan; a facilities inspection will be Wednesday,
October 26
at 9am.



Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:47 pm.

Joe Lewandowski

Unanimously approved.


M. Fuller

Assistant for the Board of Selectmen