September 8, 2015

of Sullivan, NH

of Selectmen

Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2015

Town Hall

members present: Gary Patnode, Laura Merrifield, and Joseph

staff: Road Agent Randy Smith

Maury Collins, Nelson Board of Selectmen, Mike Tarr, Nelson Road
Agent, Steve Hamilton

  1. CALL
    TO ORDER: Chairman Gary Patnode called the meeting to order at 6:30
    PM and made a motion to approve the minutes of August 17, 2015
    regular meeting as written. Joe Lewandowski seconded the motion.
    Laura Merrifield suggested the minutes be amended to include Mary
    Hull’s name as part of the staff in attendance. The minutes were
    unanimously approved as amended. Gary Patnode made a motion to
    approve the minutes of the August 17, 2015 non public meeting as
    written. Laura Merrifield seconded the motion and the minutes were
    unanimously approved.

    HEADS: See Item 1 under Selectmen’s business


  1. Town
    of Nelson – Apple Hill Road sign:

Nelson Road Agent Mike Tarr
and Selectmen Maury Collins informed the Board they would like
permission to place a warning sign for tractor trailer trucks using
Apple Hill Road from the Sullivan side. Apparently GPS directs this
route as the shortest way to Harrisville. The road is very steep and
narrow. Private property has been damaged. Discussion ensued
regarding placement to ensure ample warning to truckers. It was
agreed the better location would be on Town land in the vicinity of
where the Apple Hill sign is. The yellow warning sign will be 24”
x 36”, metal and located so as to not obscure other signs at this
location. The Town of Nelson will install at their own expense, in
conjunction with Randy Smith and they will be responsible to maintain
and/or replace the sign as necessary.

  1. Stephen
    Hamilton – Request for municipal records and information:

Steve Hamilton had submitted
a request for information and an opportunity to discuss a variety of
issues with the Board on August 12, 2015. Each of the items bulleted
in his hand written note were reviewed with Mr. Hamilton and
provided. He inquired as to when the Town had last requested quotes
from other assessing firms. (A response will require research).

Mr. Hamilton went on to say
he had concerns over three properties. Specifically, he believes the
special conditions attached to the Forrest site plan (auto body shop)
had been violated; the Sullivan Country Store needs a site plan for
the placement of a portable toilet, a used clothing receptacle and
vegetable stand; and a business was being operated without the proper
approvals at the James Walters property. While the Board appreciates
Mr. Hamilton bringing these issues to their attention it was agreed
it would be more appropriate for the Planning Board to address them.
Consequently, Mr. Hamilton will be attending the next Planning Board

Next, he inquired if there
is an RSA, Ordinance or regulation that allows the Board of Selectmen
to change their meeting dates/times without a town vote. It is his
opinion that when the Board members were elected to office it was
with the understanding they would be holding weekly meetings and it
is inappropriate to change the schedule. It was explained that
research revealed no statutory requirement. It was also noted that
while the Board has a condensed meeting schedule (between May and
October), if an urgency arose in a non-meeting week, the Board could
be (and has been) called together.

Mr. Hamilton asked about the
process to amend the Veteran’s tax credit. He was referred to RSA
72:27-a. It was agreed he would prepare a proposal to increase the
existing $100 credit for the Board’s consideration. A credit
increase requires a warrant article to be voted on at Town meeting.
In closing, Mr. Hamilton asked for clarification relative to Current
Use farm land. He was provided a copy of the latest Current Use

  1. Purchasing

The Board reviewed the final
draft of the Purchasing Policy. The document will be forwarded to
Randy Smith, Mary Hull and Al Henry requesting their input at the
next meeting where it is anticipated the Board will finalize the

  1. MS-1:

The Board reviewed and
signed the MS-1 Summary Inventory of Valuation.

  1. Miscellaneous
    File/AA updates:

The Board signed wage
documents for the two Library employees; considered and approved the
Capital Reserve request in the amount of $64,957 from the Highway
Major Equipment Capital Reserve Fund for the 2016 International
Terrastar 4x4 cab and chassis purchased from Portland North Truck
Center; reviewed and signed a septic replacement plan for 21 Heights
Lane; received a proposal from John Nazer through Cushing and Son
regarding water filtration systems for the fire department, library,
town hall and highway department. Mr. Lewandowksi will be
researching requirements for water testing.

  1. Payroll,
    vendor payments and purchase orders were approved.

General discussion: Mrs.
Merrifield submitted a draft proposal for the replacement of the Town
Hall furnace. Following presentations and information submitted by
the Energy Committee, the Board of Selectmen found the furnace
replacement (versus improving the building envelope) to be the
highest priority. Money previously meant for refinishing the main
hall floor will be redirected to the furnace replacement. The draft
proposal will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Mention was made of an
upcoming law lecture series offered at Antioch. Details to follow.
Two planning board members and a selectmen (possibly more) will be
attending all or part of the series.

With the Board’s
agreement, Mrs. Merrifield will be attending tax rate web portal
training at the Department of Revenue Administration next Tuesday
along with Tax Collector Mary Hull.

Chairman Patnode asked for
availability to meet with Kate Thorndike prior to her departure for
the purposes of reviewing work in progress prior to her departure and
creating an interim plan for office coverage, payroll and bill
processing, etc. The meeting will be in Town Hall, Monday, September
14 at 5:00 PM.

  1. Adjournment: Motion:
    Laura Merrifield moved to adjourn the regular meeting at 9:01 PM.

Second: Gary Patnode
seconded the motion

Approved: Unanimously

following the regular meeting, Laura Merrifield moved to enter into
non-public for the purposes of litigation. Gary Patnode seconded the
motion. Motion passed unanimously 3-0.


J. Merrifield

Board of Selectmen