Volunteer Drivers Needed

Do You Have Time Now and Then to Give Someone A Ride?

The Community Volunteer Transportation Company, or CVTC, is looking for more people to become part of our volunteer driver team, especially in the towns of Keene, Swanzey, Troy, Marlborough Francestown and Temple. Do you have time on your hands?
Our drivers are all volunteers and use their own vehicles.  They receive an optional reimbursement of $.41 per mile on the trips they provide.  CVTC provides transportation for non-emergency medical appointments, social services, grocery shopping, banking, and/or visits to the pharmacy.
Trips needing a driver are listed on our website and each driver can use his/her computer to determine which trips would fit in with their plans.  For those drivers who do not use a computer, our staff will help select trips that match time availability and complete a monthly mileage log.
Our volunteers contribute to the health, wellness, dignity and independence for all we serve. Please join us. It’s easy and most rewarding.
Give CVTC a call today at 1-877-428-2882, ext. 5. for more information.
CVTC provides no-fee transportation for individuals without access to transportation because of age, ability, income, and/or life circumstance. We are a Monadnock United Way Partner Agency.